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/ Created date:2020/01/03
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12021/06/04JP movieIt 's your fault that my heart beats   0
22021/01/07DramaShitteru Wife (2021)   0
32020/12/04JP movieTakizawa Enbujo ZERO 2020 The Movie   0
42020/08/14JP movieYowamushi Pedal   0
52020/07/31DramaMidsummer Boy ~ 19452020   0
62019/11/01JP movieBLACK SCHOOL RULES   0
72019/07/08DramaMedical Examiner AsagaoBest(3.00)3.0050.691
82019/04/16DramaPerfect WorldNormal(0.33)0.9949.233
92018/10/23DramaBukatsu suki janakya dame desuka?   0
102018/07/15DramaZero Ikkaku senkin gameVery good(2.00)2.0049.961
112018/04/11DramaTokusou9   0
122016/09/16DramaGuard center 24Good(1.00)1.0049.241
132016/08/27DramaMoumoku no Yoshinori senseiVery good(2.00)2.0049.961
142016/07/02JP movieHaunted CampusBad(-1.00)-1.0047.761
152014/10/24DramaKurofuku monogatariGood(1.00)1.0049.241
162014/02/14DramaKamen Teacher 2014 TV SpecialVery bad(-2.33)-6.9943.463
172014/01/18JP movieBilocationNormal(0.00)0.0048.683
192013/10/06Drama49   0
202013/09/23DramaKindaichi Kousuke VS Akechi KogorouNormal(0.33)0.9949.233
212013/07/07DramaKamen teacherVery bad(-2.00)-2.0047.071
222013/04/09DramaKasukana KanojoGood(1.25)5.0052.134
242010/01/26DramaNakanai to Kimeta HiVery bad(-2.38)-30.9426.1313
252007/07/03DramaHanazakari no kimitachi he Ikemen ParadiseBad(-0.54)-27.0028.9850
262001/07/14DramaKindaichi shounen no jikenbo 2001Bad(-1.00)-4.0045.624
272001/03/25DramaKindaichi shounen no jikenbo Majutsu ressha satsujin jikenGood(0.50)1.0049.242
281999/07/04DramaKowai nichiyoubiVery bad(-1.67)-5.0144.893
291997/10/06SF TVUshiro no Hyakutaro   0
311995/12/30DramaKindaichi shounen no jikenbo Yukiyasha densetsu satsujin jikenBest(2.50)5.0052.132
321995/04/08DramaKindaichi shounen no jikenbo Gakuen nanafushigi satsujin jikenVery good(2.00)4.0051.412
331984/07/06DramaKinyoubi no tsumatachi e 2   0

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