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/ Created date:2011/07/21
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Created day2008
Jobmusic singer
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12018/08/04JP movieKaitou sentai Lupin ranger VS Keisatsu sentai Patranger en filmVery good(2.00)12.0059.676
22018/02/11SF TVKaitou sentai Lupin ranger VS Keisatsu sentai PatrangerGood(1.29)39.9957.3231
32017/06/17JP movieSpace squad Gavan VS DekarangerGood(0.80)4.0052.355
42017/02/12SF TVUchu sentai KyurangerBad(-0.80)-24.0039.8730
52014/11/07SF TVSpace Sheriff Shaider NEXT GENERATIONNormal(-0.08)-0.9646.1512
62014/10/10SF TVSpace Sheriff Shariban NEXT GENERATIONNormal(0.30)3.0047.2310
72014/02/16SF TVRessha sentai TokkyugerGood(1.00)58.0062.2358
82013/04/06SF TVHikounin sentai akibaranger Season 2Normal(0.14)0.9846.687
92012/02/26SF TVTokumei sentai GobustersGood(0.54)22.1452.4541
102012/01/21JP movieKaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Space Sheriff Gavan: The MovieVery good(1.58)30.0276.1719
112011/06/11JP movieGokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero DaikessenVery good(1.82)40.0485.3422
122011/02/13SF TVKaizoku Sentai GoukaigerGood(1.13)88.1470.4578
132011/01/20JP movieTensou sentai Goseiger vs Shinkenger Epic on GinmakuVery good(2.27)24.9771.5511
142010/06/11SF TVReturn Of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger SpecialGood(1.14)7.9848.597
152010/02/14SF TVTensou Sentai GoseigerBad(-0.56)-29.1238.4752
162009/02/15SF TVSamrai Sentai SinkenjarVery good(1.63)123.8880.1976
172009/01/24JP movieEnjin Sentai Goonger Varsus GekirangerNormal(0.31)4.0352.3813
182008/08/09JP movieEngine sentai go-onger bunnbunnbannbanngekijoubannGood(1.00)9.0056.939
192008/02/17SF TVEnjin Sentai Go-ongerGood(0.85)40.8057.5448
202000/04/12DramaTenshi ga kieta machi   0

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