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12014/06/07AnimePERSONA3 THE MOVIE #2 Midsummer Knight's DreamVery good(2.00)4.0048.152
22013/11/23AnimePERSONA3 THE MOVIE #1 Spring of BirthGood(1.00)6.0048.486
32013/04/13AnimeAURA Maryuuinkouga saigo no tatakaiNormal(-0.50)-3.0046.986
42012/07/02AnimeJinrui wa SuitaishimashitaGood(1.38)62.1057.8345
52011/10/07AnimePersona 4 The AnimationGood(0.75)24.0051.4832
62011/06/25AnimeSora no otoshimono the movie tokeijikake no AngeloidNormal(-0.21)-2.9446.9914
72010/10/02AnimeSora no Otoshimono forteGood(1.00)40.0054.1440
82009/10/05AnimeSora no OtoshimonoGood(1.02)85.6861.7684
92009/05/20AnimeKigurumikku V3   0
102008/10/04AnimeTentai Senshi SunredGood(1.42)51.1256.0036
112007/10/01AnimeBAMBOO BLADEGood(1.32)120.1267.5091
122006/10/03AnimeTokimeki Memorial (2006)Bad(-0.62)-14.8845.0024
132005/07/04AnimeGUN SWORDGood(1.36)167.2875.35123
142005/01/07AnimeMAGICAL CANANBad(-1.10)-23.1043.6321
152004/10/02AnimeTo Heart Remember My MemoriesNormal(0.03)0.9947.6433
162003/10/01AnimeShinkon Gattai Godannar!!Normal(0.39)12.0949.4931

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