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/ Created date:2010/08/29
Birth day1951/08/28
Jobactor music singer
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Related Works (Sorted by when started: You can sort the works list based on the below items.)
12020/01/24JP movieHis   0
22020/01/17JP movieLast Letter   0
32018/09/21AnimeWakaokami ha Shougakusei (Movie)Normal(0.20)1.0047.645
42018/01/05DramaLife As a GirlGood(0.50)1.0049.222
52017/10/07JP movieOUTRAGE: FINAL CHAPTERNormal(0.33)0.9949.583
62015/04/25JP movieRyuuzou to shichinin no kobuntachi   0
72015/01/10DramaKaiki renai sakusenNormal(0.00)0.0048.511
82013/11/23JP movieMoratoriamu TamakoGood(0.67)2.0150.513
92013/05/10AnimeSaint young menVery bad(-2.00)-8.0046.144
102012/10/06JP movieOutrage BeyondNormal(0.33)2.9751.399
122011/04/08AnimeDororon enmakun meerameraNormal(-0.44)-11.8845.5027
132010/11/20JP movieGegege no Nyobou MovieGood(1.00)3.0051.423
142007/05/12JP movieAkai Bunkajutaku no HatsukoGood(1.00)3.0051.423
152003/11/08AnimeTokyo GodfathersVery good(1.72)103.2064.6960
162003/09/06JP movieZATOICHIGood(0.84)36.9682.4444
172002/08/03JP movieChicken Heart   0
182000/02/11JP movieUZUMAKIBad(-0.80)-4.0045.025
191997/07/18GameReal Sound / Regret of WindVery bad(-1.67)-5.0145.863
201996/09/14JP movieSWALLOWTAIL BUTTERFLYGood(0.80)4.0052.335
211996/06/15JP moviePiCNiCNormal(0.00)0.0048.681
221995/03/25JP movieLove LetterVery good(1.83)10.9858.716
231994/08/27GameMOTHER 2 (Earth Bound)Very good(2.47)355.68164.05144
241977/05/15JP movieBoku ha Tenshi jya naiyoGood(1.00)1.0049.591

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