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12014/07/19AnimePokemon the movie XY -Hakai no Mayu-Good(1.20)6.0048.285
22009/07/18AnimePokemon Diamond & Pearl -Arceus Chokoku no Jiku e-Very good(1.76)29.9252.0217
32008/11SF TVBIT BULLET   0
42005/07/16AnimePokemon: Mew and the Wave Guiding Hero Lucario (movie)Good(0.76)28.1251.7437
62004/07/17AnimePokemon: Destiny Deoxys (Visitor from the Space Fisure Deoxys)Bad(-0.87)-26.9743.1231
82003/07/19AnimePokemon: Jirachi Wish Maker (Wishing Star of Seven Nights, Jirachi)Normal(-0.17)-5.9546.4135
102002/07/13AnimePokemon Heroes: Latias & Latios (Guardian Deities of the Water Capital)Good(1.44)51.8455.4536
112001/01/09AnimeFamily to guard the Earth (Chikyuu Bouei Kazoku)Good(0.50)5.0048.1210
122000/10/24AnimeKrakurikiden HiyousenkiGood(0.80)16.0049.8420
132000/07/08AnimePokemon 3: The Movie (Lord of the Unknown Tower)Good(1.33)35.9152.9627
141995/04/08AnimeTobe! IsamiVery good(1.75)89.2561.3051
151988/08/12AnimeWat Poe to bokura no ohanashi   0
161987/10/08AnimeMr. Ajikko ( Mister Ajikko )Good(1.31)112.6664.9686
171986/10/03AnimeHeart CocktailNormal(0.00)0.0047.341
181985/06/10AnimeDream Hunter REMGood(1.17)14.0449.5412
191982/10/17AnimeSasuga No SarutobiGood(1.07)16.0549.8515

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