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Birth day1975/01/01
Jobmusic writer
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12018/06/29GameSummer PocketsGood(1.00)1.0047.781
22017/08/30ComicsAngel Beats! -The Last Operation-   0
32017/01/14AnimeRewrite 2nd SeasonGood(0.83)4.9848.266
52015/09/30ComicsCharlotteVery good(2.00)2.0049.161
72015/06/26GameAngel Beats! -1st beat-   0
82015/03/30ComicsCharlotte The 4koma Seeshun o kakenukero!   0
92014/01/29AnimeRittle Busters! EXGood(1.00)1.0047.601
102013/10/30ComicsAngel Beats! The 4koma Osora no shinda sekai kara   0
112013/10/05AnimeLittle Busters! -Refrain-Good(1.47)24.9951.5517
122013/05/09GameKud Wafter Converted Edition   0
132012/10/06AnimeLittle Busters!Good(0.89)32.9352.8637
142012/07/27GameRewrite Harvest Festa!Good(1.00)1.0047.781
152011/06/24GameRewriteVery good(2.00)12.0051.326
162010/04/03AnimeAngel Beats!Normal(-0.44)-100.7630.83229
172010/03/30ComicsAngel Beats! -Heaven's Door-Very good(2.33)6.9950.653
182009/10/30ComicsAngel Beats! The 4koma Bokura no sensenkoushinkyoku   0
192009/05/24AnimeCLANNAD AFTER STORY Bangaihen Mouhitotsunosekai KyouhenGood(0.64)8.9648.9114
202009LiteratureAngel Beats! -Track ZERO-Worst(-3.00)-3.0043.091
212008/10/03AnimeClannad After StoryGood(1.29)258.0089.95200
222007/07/27GameLittle BustersVery good(2.30)52.9064.4823
232007/04/20ComicsTomoyo After -Dear Shining Memories-Normal(-0.25)-1.0048.274
242007/01/25GameTOMOYO after It's a Wonderful Life CS EditionVery good(1.87)28.0556.4815
252006/10/06AnimeKanon (2006)Good(1.27)119.3867.1194
262005/02/05AnimeAir - the movie -Normal(0.06)3.0647.9451
302005/01/07AnimeAIR (TV series)Good(1.23)277.9893.24226
312004/06/26ComicsMagic of Hibiki   0
322004/04/28GameCLANNADVery good(2.28)123.1287.0954
332002/01/31AnimeKanon (2002)Good(0.58)58.0056.99100
342000/09/14GameKanonVery good(1.75)77.0072.2444

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