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Average(Out)Very good60.82311232,773

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12019/01/11AnimeGotoubun no hanayomeNormal(0.00)0.0047.412
22018/10/07AnimeAnima YellGood(0.85)11.0549.2013
32015/07/05AnimeVENUS PROJECT -CLIMAX-   0
42015/04/01LiteratureMusical Sailor Moon La Reconquista   0
52014/10/29AnimeNew prince of tennis OVA vs Genius10   0
62014/10/06AnimeMysterious Joker (Kaitou joker)   0
72014/10/02AnimeDenki gai no honya sanGood(1.00)5.0048.225
92012/09/30AnimeHiiro no kakera 2Good(0.67)2.0147.733
102012/03/06AnimeHiiro no KakeraBad(-1.11)-9.9945.799
112012/01/05AnimeNew prince of tennisNormal(-0.33)-3.9646.7712
122011/09/03AnimeThe Prince of Tennis Eikokushiki Teikyujo Kessen!Good(1.00)3.0047.893
132011/04/25AnimeMoshi DoraBad(-0.96)-52.8038.8555
142010/01/23AnimeYU-GI-OH! Choyugo! Toki o koeta kizuna (movie)Good(1.32)29.0452.1122
152009/01/31AnimeChocolate UndergroundBad(-1.00)-3.0046.923
162009/01/24AnimeHetalia Axis PowersNormal(0.36)16.2050.0345
172009/01/10AnimeKemono no Souja Erin (The Beast Player Erin)Good(1.33)43.8954.5233
182008/04/11AnimeLIBRARY WARNormal(-0.21)-15.9644.8276
192008/04/06AnimeOnegai My Melody KiraraGood(0.91)10.0149.0311
202008/04/02AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! 5D'sGood(1.28)97.2863.1776
212007/04/05AnimeKoutetu sangokushiBad(-1.00)-9.0045.959
222007/04/03AnimeSisters of WellberBad(-0.60)-6.0046.4310
232007/04/01AnimeOnegai My Melody Sukkiri   0
242007/01/05AnimeSaint OctoberGood(1.00)23.0051.1323
252006/10/07AnimeKatekyo Hitman REBORN!Normal(0.12)11.6449.2997
262006/04/02AnimeOnegai My Melody Kurukuru ShuffleVery good(1.52)34.9653.0723
282005/10/01AnimeIDATEN JUMPGood(0.89)8.0148.709
292005/07/02AnimeSugar2 RuneNormal(0.47)8.9348.8519
302005/04/03AnimeOnegai My Melody (Please My Melody)Good(1.08)54.0056.1650
312005/01/29AnimeThe Prince of Tennis - The Two Samurai: The First GameGood(1.00)11.0049.1911
322005/01/02AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of LightGood(0.50)3.0047.896
342004/10/06AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! GXNormal(0.38)41.0454.06108
352004/04/03AnimeAi Shiteruze BeibeGood(0.50)19.0050.4938
362003/10/09AnimeGUNSLINGER GIRLGood(0.79)81.3760.59103
382002/04/06AnimeLooking for the Full Moon/Searching for the Full Moon(Full Moon o Sagashite)Normal(0.06)6.1248.40102
392002AnimeThe Prince of Tennis A Day of the Survival MountainVery good(1.50)3.0047.892
402001/10/10AnimeThe Prince of TennisBad(-1.08)-685.80-63.72635
412001/05/23AnimeR.O.D -THE TV- (READ OR DIE)Very good(1.52)136.8069.5790
422001/05/23AnimeR.O.D -READ OR DIE-Good(1.40)7.0048.545
432001/03/25AnimeLet's take a consult with Dr. Rin/Please Ask Dr. Rin!(Dr. Rin ni Kittemitte)Bad(-1.45)-79.7534.4855
442000/04/18AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! Duel MonstersNormal(-0.27)-72.9035.59270
452000/04/05AnimeTransformer CarobotNormal(-0.44)-7.0446.2716
461988/10/11DramaYappari Neko ga sukiVery good(1.88)15.0458.598

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