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/ Created date:2007/10/28
Birth day1981/12/07
Official sitehttp://haino.mods.jp/index.htm
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12012/09/28LiteratureRisou no Himoseikatsu   0
22010/06/09LiteratureUchi no maid ha Futeikei   0
32009/07/09AnimeSpice and Wolf II (Okami to Koshinryo)Normal(0.48)24.0051.2750
42009/04/23GameLast Bullet   0
52008/01/09AnimeSpice and Wolf (Okami to Koshinryo)Good(1.08)114.4865.88106
62007/09/27ComicsSpice and Wolf (Okami to Koshinryo)Very good(2.20)11.0051.785
72006/02/25LiteratureSpice and Wolf (Okami to Koshinryo)Very good(1.92)49.9299.5026

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