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Birth day1954/04/12
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Average(Japan)Very good56.871429026,457
Average(Out)Very good48.22134,727

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12004/08/19AnimeAjisai no uta   0
21996/02/09GameDEATH MASK   0
41985/10/03AnimeBlue Shooting Star SPT Layzner(Aoki Ryusei SPT Layzner)Very good(1.59)77.9160.3049
61984/10/28AnimeMagical Angel Creamy Mami Forever Once moreVery good(2.33)6.9948.593
71984/02/25MovieProject AVery good(2.04)48.9687.3724
81983/07/06AnimePsycho Armor GovarianGood(0.67)6.0348.439
91983/04/11MovieThe 36th Chamber Of ShaolinBest(2.50)15.0059.616
101983/01/29MovieMad Mission (Aces Go Places)Very good(2.00)4.0050.622
111982/02/20MovieDragon FistNormal(0.20)1.0048.175
121982/01/13MovieCrazy Horse and Drunken Monkey   0
131981/02/21MovieShaolin Wooden MenGood(1.10)11.0056.3410
151979/10/07AnimeFighter GORDIAN (Toushi GORDIAN)Normal(0.45)4.9548.2611
161976MovieThe Prodigal Boxer 2 (Enter the Whirlwind Boxer/Young Hero of Shaolin)Very good(2.00)2.0048.991
171975/02/01MovieThe Texas Chain Saw MassacreGood(1.44)25.9268.5418

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