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/ Created date:2009/10/14
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Birth day1961/09/16
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12014/10/05SF TVKamen rider DriveGood(0.64)48.0059.4575
22012/09/02SF TVKAMEN RIDER WIZARDNormal(0.30)20.7052.0269
32012/02/26SF TVTokumei sentai GobustersGood(0.50)20.0051.8340
42010/09/05SF TVKamen Rider OOOGood(0.92)81.8868.6889
52010/06/05JP movieMasked Rider x Masked Rider x Masked Rider The Movie: Cho Den-o Trilogy EPISODE BLUE Haken Imagine wa NEWtralGood(0.71)9.9457.7314
62010/05/22JP movieMasked Rider x Masked Rider x Masked Rider The Movie: Cho Den-o Trilogy EPISODE RED Zero no Start TwincleBad(-0.57)-7.9841.4014
72009/04/04SF TVTomica hero rescue fireGood(1.43)10.0149.117
82008/01/27SF TVMadked rider KivaNormal(0.42)49.1459.76117
92007/01/28SF TVMASKED RIDER DEN-OGood(0.91)121.0379.33133
102005/10/01SF TVSazer-XVery good(1.93)27.0253.7414
112005/07/25SF TVAstro KyudanNormal(0.29)2.0346.947
122003/10/04SF TVSailor MoonBad(-1.48)-125.8012.1585
132002/02/17SF TVNinpusentai HarikenjaGood(0.84)52.0860.5662
142000/04/20DramaAnother Heaven eclipse   0
151999/04/02SF TVVANNY KNIGHTSNormal(0.00)0.0046.391
161998/07/06SF TVTHE MASKED ANGELGood(1.00)3.0047.203
171998/04/07DramaNanase futatabi (1998)   0
181997/10/04SF TVJoji Iida Presents Genso Midnight   0
191997/05/01SF TVAkuryou gakuenBad(-1.00)-1.0046.121
201996/10/17SF TVCyborg   0
211996/04/18SF TVKaiki club Chuugakusei henNormal(0.00)0.0046.391
221995/11/24DramaTohaiden AkagiBad(-1.00)-1.0047.801
231995/10/19SF TVKaiki ClubNormal(0.25)1.0046.664

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