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Birth day1978/10/29
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Average(Out)Very good46.9061138,322

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12019/04/05AnimeBig World! Big Adventures!   0
22018/04/07AnimeThomas & Friends: Journey Beyond SodorNormal(0.00)0.0047.442
32017/04/08AnimeThomas & Friends: The Great Race   0
42014/05/17AnimeKing of the RailwayGood(1.00)1.0047.601
52012/04/28AnimeDay of the Diesels   0
62011/10/01AnimeBakuman. 2Good(1.38)22.0851.0716
72009/04/05AnimeGuin SagaBad(-0.88)-14.0845.1116
82009/04/04AnimeGokujo!! mechamote iinchoBad(-1.08)-42.1240.4939
92008/07/03AnimeSCARECROWMAN THE ANIMATIONVery good(2.00)6.0048.423
102008/07/03GameRiku and Yohan (Riku to Yohan)Best(3.00)3.0048.421
112008MovieCalling All Engines!   0
122007/10/06AnimeShugo Chara!Good(1.36)57.1256.8542
132007/07/07AnimeSKY GIRLS TVGood(1.08)42.1254.3839
142007/04/14AnimeSpider Riders -Yomigaeru sora-   0
162007/04/01AnimeHayate no gotoku! (Hayate The Combat butler)Good(0.50)71.5059.22143
172006/11/24AnimeMy-Otome ZweiGood(1.38)22.0851.0716
182006/04/05AnimeSpiderRiders Brave men of OracleGood(1.38)11.0449.268
192006/04/03AnimeZenmai ZamuraiGood(1.00)19.0050.5719
202006/03/10SF TVMAGIRANGER MEETS DEKARANGERNormal(0.10)1.0046.5910
212006/01/08AnimeTACTICAL ROARBad(-0.81)-25.9243.1632
232005/09/03JP movieMahou Sentai Magiranger the Movie: Bride of InfershiaVery good(1.50)6.0053.824
242005/04/09AnimeTsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLEBad(-0.92)-127.8826.36139
252005/04/03AnimeMeru HevunNormal(-0.15)-9.3045.9062
262005/03/12AnimeRockman EXE Hikari to yami no isanNormal(0.00)0.0047.441
272005/02/13SF TVMagirangerGood(0.74)56.9861.8877
292004/07/17AnimePokemon: Destiny Deoxys (Visitor from the Space Fisure Deoxys)Bad(-0.76)-22.0443.8029
302004GameZOIDS INFINITYBest(2.50)5.0049.062
312004AnimePOKEMON Advanced Generation Pikachuu NO natsumatsuriBad(-1.00)-1.0047.271
322003/07/19AnimePokemon: Jirachi Wish Maker (Wishing Star of Seven Nights, Jirachi)Normal(-0.17)-5.9546.4535
332003/01/08AnimeLet's go! Machine robot rescueGood(1.27)41.9154.3433
342002/12/19GameUnlimited SAGABad(-0.76)-50.1631.3166
352002/12/12GameRainbow Dodgeball   0
362002/10/10AnimeHaibane RenmeiVery good(1.82)436.80119.43240
372002/04/06AnimeWagamama Fairy Mirumo de Pon!Good(1.10)138.6070.28126
382002/03/04AnimeMegaMan NT Warrior (Rockman EXE)Good(0.91)74.6259.7482
392001/12/15AnimeTotoko HamtarouBad(-1.33)-3.9946.783
402001/04/05AnimeGene ShaftNormal(-0.25)-4.0046.7816
412001/01/06AnimeZOIDS New Century ZEROGood(0.80)35.2053.2444

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