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Birth day1966/08/13
Jobmusic singer
Official sitehttp://akihata.jp/
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12016/04/16AnimeBig OrderBad(-1.25)-10.0045.788
22011/07/08AnimeTHE IDOLM@STERGood(1.09)81.7560.1275
32011/06/15AnimeAsobi ni ikuyo! OVA special ova de asobi ni kimashita!!Bad(-1.50)-6.0046.404
42008/01/24GameLucky Star Ryouo Gakuen OutousaiGood(0.88)7.0449.678
52007/10/02SF TVCUTEY HONEY THE LIVEVery good(2.00)8.0048.384
62007/04/12AnimePrincess Resurrection (Kaibutsu Oujo)Good(0.69)26.9151.5539
72007/04/08AnimeLucky StarGood(0.57)166.4473.37292
82007/01/11AnimeVenus Versus VirusBad(-0.67)-16.0844.8324
92007/01/07AnimeMaster Of Epic -The Animation Age-Very bad(-1.75)-28.0042.9616
102006/10/02AnimeGALAXY ANGEL IIBad(-0.76)-22.0443.9029
122006/07/01AnimeOtogi-jushi Akazukin (TV Series)Good(1.27)41.9153.8933
132006/04/13AnimeHime-sama goyojinNormal(-0.29)-2.0347.027
142006/01/09AnimeYomigaeru Sora - Rescue Wings -Good(1.23)31.9852.3426
152006/01/04AnimeKey Princess Story Eternal Alice RondoNormal(-0.20)-4.0046.7220
162005/10/04AnimeGunparade OrchestraNormal(-0.43)-9.8945.7923
172005/05/21AnimeZettai Shonen (Absolute Boy)Good(1.14)39.9053.5835
182005/04/03AnimeIZUMO: Takeki Tsurugi no SenkiBad(-0.62)-17.9844.5329
192005/01/04AnimeLime-iro ryukitan X (cross) -Koi Oshiete Kudasai-Bad(-0.64)-8.9645.9414
232004/04/03AnimeSergeant KeroroGood(1.01)237.3584.45235
252003/07/15AnimePlease Twins (Onegai Twins)Good(1.01)75.7559.1975
312003/03/06AnimeTenshi no Shippo Chu!Bad(-1.33)-3.9946.723
322003/01/08AnimeNanaka 6/17Very good(1.59)85.8660.7754
332002/04/09AnimeAzumanga DaiohVery good(1.85)481.00122.55260

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