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/ Created date:2009/01/13
Birth day1985
Official sitehttp://www.geocities.jp/himaruya/index.html
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2011/03/02 by Daniel I. Radakovich (Send message) [Provider: 24173 Host:24097 Browser: 17323] [Edit/Delete / Suggestion to delete]

His drawings are quite good and a lot of his storylines are excellent. As a history major I greatly enjoy his approach to the subject matter and have not laughed so much since I discovered Goscinny & Uderzo's Asterix in the 1970s. Many thanks for the happiness given.
Daniel I. Radakovich

2011/01/04 by Stephanie Junko Lizardo (Send message) [Provider: 1274 Host:1269 Browser: 12489] [Edit/Delete / Suggestion to delete]

I love hetalia axis powers,and i want to help Mr.Hidekazu suggest characters...as long as I can help him out

2009/06/09 by Sucrose (Send message) [Provider: 15828 Host:15964 Browser: 6520] [Edit/Delete / Suggestion to delete]

Himaruya-san is a GENIUS. He is able to create hilarious stories out of serious (as well as not-so-serious) topics in history in a creative and original form. It's not something that can be mimicked by other artists and even with his simple sketches, he was able to feed a wide fandom and even have his works made into an anime. The stereotypes given to each country's character give a laugh to those who have experienced or are of that nationality. The fact that he is able to make it appealing to everyone is proof of Himaruya-san's success and I know that there are many fans like me out there who would die for the chance to meet him and praise him for the joy and loveable characters that he has introduced.

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