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Birth day1964/07/07
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Average(Out)Very good56.9523444,944

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12019/01/25ComicsAA SYUUKATSU No Megami samaVery bad(-2.00)-2.0047.981
22016/08/18GameTales of BerseriaBest(2.67)8.0150.033
32016/07/03AnimeTales of Zestiria the crossNormal(-0.42)-5.0446.6112
42016/05/25ComicsToppuu GP   0
52015/01/22GameTales of ZestiriaWorst(-2.67)-16.0242.306
62014/12/30AnimeTALES OF ZESTIRIA Doushi no yoakeNormal(0.00)0.0047.443
72014/09/27AnimeKaren senkiVery bad(-2.00)-2.0047.111
82011/09/08GameTALES OF XILLIANormal(0.07)1.0547.7915
92011/02/23AnimeOh My Goddess! Original Anime Disc   0
102009/10/03AnimeTales of Vesperia - The first strike -Very good(1.80)36.0053.3720
112009/01/29GameTales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2Good(1.00)14.0051.9614
122008/11/07ComicsParadaise ResidenceNormal(0.00)0.0048.572
132008/08/07GameTales of VesperiaVery good(1.94)65.9668.6934
142008/03/19GameDramatic Dungeon: Sakura TaisenNormal(0.00)0.0047.453
152007/10/04AnimeYOU'RE UNDER ARREST FullthrottleBad(-0.94)-16.9244.6518
162007/06/28GameTales of Fandom Vol.2Normal(0.00)0.0047.458
172007/04/04AnimeSAKURA WARS NEW YORK NYBad(-1.00)-1.0047.271
182005/12/15GameTales of the AbyssGood(1.14)157.3298.10138
192005/10ComicsSakura wars Show theaterGood(1.00)1.0048.871
202005/07/07GameSakura Wars 5 Goodbye dear personNormal(0.33)5.9449.3718
212005/01/06AnimeAh! My Goddess (Oh My Goddess!, Aa! Megamisama)Good(1.15)142.6070.93124
222005/01/06GameTales of the World Narikiri Dungeon 3Normal(-0.44)-3.9646.189
232004/11/25AnimeTALES OF PHANTASIA THE ANIMATIONBad(-0.88)-21.1243.9624
242004/10/20AnimeSakura Wars:Le Nouveau ParisBad(-1.50)-6.0046.454
252004/03/04GameGungrave o.d.   0
262003/08/29GameTales of SymphoniaGood(0.82)109.8882.83134
272003/03/19AnimeSakura Wars:Ecole de ParisBad(-1.00)-4.0046.784
282003/02/27GameSakura Wars atsuki chishio niNormal(0.33)1.9848.096
292002/12/18AnimeSakura Wars Retirement commemoration of Kanzaki Sumire:Su Mi ReVery bad(-1.67)-5.0146.613
312002/10/25GameTales of the World Narikiri Dungeon 2Very good(1.50)24.0055.1816
322002/10/17DramaYOU'RE UNDER ARRESTVery bad(-2.50)-50.0013.8720
342002/04/20AnimeEX Driver THE MOVIEVery good(2.00)2.0047.771
352002/04/20AnimeNina and Rei Danger ZoneNormal(0.00)0.0047.441
362002/03/21GameSakura Wars4 Koi seyo OtomeVery good(1.79)25.0655.5214
372001/12/22AnimeSakura Wars The MovieGood(0.50)1.0047.602
382001/03/29GameYOU'RE UNDER ARREST   0
392001/03/22GameSakura Wars 3 Battle of ParisVery good(2.25)45.0061.9420
402000/10/21AnimeAh! My Goddess The MovieGood(0.57)3.9948.097
422000/04/08AnimeSakura Wars (TV version)Very good(1.50)15.0049.9110
431999/12/18AnimeSakura Wars gouka kenranGood(1.00)5.0048.265
441999/05/14LiteratureYOU'RE UNDER ARRESTBest(2.50)5.0051.692
451998/04/06AnimeThe Adventures of Mini-GoddessGood(1.00)3.0047.933
461997/12/18AnimeSakura Wars ouka kenranGood(0.50)3.0047.936
471996/12/25ComicsGreat collaboration   0
481996/10/05AnimeYOU'RE UNDER ARRESTVery good(1.73)164.3574.5295
491996/09/27GameSakura WarsGood(1.38)80.0473.2258
501995/12/25GameTales of PhantasiaVery good(1.85)325.60152.27176
511994/09/24AnimeYOU'RE UNDER ARREST OVA (Taiho shityauzo OVA)Very good(1.50)3.0047.932
521993/08/07AnimeMobile Police Patlabor 2 The MovieGood(0.98)42.1454.3843
531993/03/22AnimeKOURYU DENSETSU VILLGUSTNormal(-0.33)-0.9947.273
541993/02/21AnimeOh My Goddess!Very good(2.00)20.0050.7310
551988/09/25ComicsAh! My Goddess (Oh My Goddess!, Aa! Megamisama)Good(0.90)26.1056.3229
561986ComicsYou are Under ArrestGood(0.86)24.9455.9829

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