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Birth day1949/03/15
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12003/12/25SF TVInvasion Super-nymph Milli   0
22000/12/03SF TVShinryakubishojyomiriGood(1.00)3.0047.053
31989/01/28JP movieBungakusyo Satsujinjiken Oinaru Joso   0
41983/02/05SF TVKagaku Sentai DynaManGood(1.27)38.1056.6030
51982/03/13JP movieDai-sentai Goggle FiveGood(0.50)4.0051.938
61981/02/07SF TVTaiyo Sentai Sun VulcanVery good(1.59)46.1158.7829
71979/10/05SF TVMasked Rider [Sky Rider]Good(0.59)20.0651.6934
81978/09/01DramaKieta Giants   0
91978/07/22JP movieMessege from Space Galaxy warNormal(-0.50)-1.0047.422
101978/07/08SF TVMessege from Space (TV series)Good(0.50)4.0047.338
111977/04/02SF TVJ.A.K.Q. DengekitaiGood(0.86)18.9251.3822
121975/10/04DramaBoy Detectives 7Very good(1.50)18.0060.6712
131974/10/19JP movieSukeban Tamatsuki asobi   0
141974/04/06SF TVDenjin ZaborgerGood(1.36)19.0451.4214
151974/01/15JP movieSukeban Taiman shoubu   0
161972/10/06SF TVLove Fighter Rainbow Man (Ai No Senshi Rainbow Man)Very good(1.95)39.0056.8520
171972/07/08SF TVKikaiderVery good(1.62)34.0255.4921
181971/04/03SF TVMasked RiderVery good(1.77)113.2877.0564
191961/10/04DramaTokubetsu Kidou Sousa TaiBest(3.00)6.0052.522

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