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Created day1990/10/16
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12007/06/16JP movieKISARAGIVery good(1.89)52.9296.6328
22007/03/24JP movieMushi masterBad(-1.44)-12.9636.519
32007/01/05AnimeKyoshirou to towa no sora (Shattered Angels)Bad(-0.52)-10.9245.6421
42006/10/07AnimeKujibiki unbalance (2006)Good(0.82)13.9449.7317
62006/07/05AnimeMuteki Kanban MusumeGood(1.48)62.1657.6842
72006/07/04AnimeCOYOTE RAGTIME SHOWBad(-0.74)-17.0244.6323
82006/07/02AnimeProject BLUE Chikyu SOSGood(1.22)10.9849.249
92006/04/05AnimeDai Mahou TougeGood(0.94)31.9652.7034
102006/04/04AnimeGIRL'S HIGH (Joshikosei)Good(0.78)35.8853.3546
112006/01/06AnimeRakugo-tennyo OyuiNormal(0.08)2.0047.7625
122005/11/12MovieSYMPATHY FOR LADY VENGEANCEGood(1.00)4.0050.634
132005/10/11AnimeNoein: Mou Hitori no Kimi eVery good(1.50)129.0068.6986
142005/10/05AnimeShakugan no SHANANormal(0.23)32.4352.78141
162005/07/03AnimeOkusama ha Mahou-syoujo (Madam is a Magical Girl)Bad(-0.62)-24.1843.4539
172005/04/03AnimeVictorian Romance EmmaGood(0.76)28.1252.0737
182005/03/12AnimeBokusatsu tenshi Dokuro-chanNormal(-0.20)-22.6043.71113
192005/02/12MovieTHE MACHINISTNormal(-0.14)-0.9846.567
202004/10/14AnimeGrenadier: Hohoemi no SenshiNormal(0.07)2.9447.9242
212004/10/01AnimeDestiny of Shrine Maiden (Kannazuki no miko)Good(0.76)66.8858.4588
222004/08/14MovieTHE BLUE BUTTERFLYGood(0.50)1.0048.182
232004/04/10MovieOut of Time   0
242004/01/23AnimeTenbatsu Angel RabbieVery bad(-2.00)-6.0046.453
252004/01/16AnimeDaphne in the Brilliant Blue (Hikari to Mizu no Dafune)Good(0.98)87.2261.8089
262004/01/12AnimeBURN-UP SCRAMBLEGood(0.64)7.0448.5911
272002/08/10AnimeBonoBono Kumomo No Ki No KotoVery good(2.00)10.0049.085
282002/08/03AnimeNurse Witch Komugi Chan MagichartGood(1.33)31.9252.6924
292002/07AnimeUFO Ultramaiden ValkyrieNormal(0.03)2.6447.8788

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