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Birth day1935/03/15
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12016/01/15AnimeNihon Animator Mihonichi Selection The UltramanNormal(0.00)0.0047.411
22011/03/12JP movieHome comingGood(1.00)1.0049.221
32008/09/13JP movieDaikessen super ultra 8 kyodaiGood(1.39)38.9283.4328
42007/04/02SF TVKaiki daisakusen Second fileGood(0.50)2.0046.804
52006/12/23JP movieDIE SILVER MASKEGood(1.00)2.0050.132
62002/05/22SF TVULTRASEVEN EVOLUTIONBad(-1.20)-6.0044.625
72001/07/20JP movieULTRAMAN COSMOS THE FIRST CONTACTVery good(1.83)10.9858.236
82001/07/07SF TVULTRAMAN COSMOSGood(0.86)42.1457.7449
92000/11/22SF TVULTRAMAN NeosGood(1.27)19.0551.4415
101999/07/07SF TVULTRA SEVEN 1999Very bad(-2.50)-10.0043.534
111998/06/05SF TVUltra Seven Tanjou 30 Shuunen 3 bu-sakuVery good(1.50)6.0047.894
121997/01/17DramaTHE TIME OF YOUR LIFENormal(0.00)0.0048.442
131994/03/21SF TVHeisei Ultra SevenGood(0.50)3.0047.076
141984/10/05AnimePANZER WORLD GalientVery good(1.72)30.9652.4518
151984/07/14JP movieUltraman storyGood(1.21)16.9463.6014
161984/03/17JP movieULTRAMAN ZOFFYNormal(0.14)1.9650.0914
171984/01/09AnimeKatri, girl of the meadows (Makiba no shoujo katori)Good(1.11)21.0950.8419
191981/10/23AnimeFang of the Sun DOUGRAM (Taiyo no Kiba DOUGRAM)Very good(2.36)59.0057.0225
251980/04/02SF TVULTRAMAN 80Good(1.11)39.9657.1436
261979/07/21JP movieUltraman kaijuu daikessenGood(0.50)5.0052.8310
271979/04/04AnimeThe ULTRAMANGood(0.92)11.0449.2112
281979/03/17JP movieUrutoraRokukyoudai VS KaijyuGunndannBad(-0.77)-23.8726.7931
291976/10/01SF TVDinosaur Catcher Bornfree(Kyouryu tankentai bornfree)Good(1.33)7.9848.436
301975/11/24SF TVSoreike! KatchinNormal(0.00)0.0046.252
311974/04/12SF TVULTRAMAN LEOGood(1.20)67.2064.5756
321974/04/01SF TVMirror FightGood(1.33)3.9947.343
331973/04/06SF TVULTRAMAN TAROGood(1.31)85.1569.4665
341973/01/07SF TVFiremanGood(0.71)9.9448.9614
351972/12/17JP movieDaigoro VS. GoliathVery good(1.60)8.0055.545
361972/04/07SF TVULTIRAMAN ACEVery good(1.60)84.8069.3653
371971/12/05SF TVMirror manVery good(1.56)28.0853.9118
381971/04/02SF TVReturn of ultramanVery good(1.92)138.2483.9372
391971SF TVMirror man Pilot   0
401969/03/16SF TVYoujutsu BugeichouGood(1.00)4.0047.344
411969/02/15JP movieYoiyami SemarebaGood(1.00)1.0049.221
431967/10/01SF TVULTRA 7Very good(2.41)216.90105.3790

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