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Birth day1982/06/28
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12018/09/02SF TVKamen rider Zi-oVery bad(-1.84)-103.0418.2056
22017/12/07GameKamen rider Climax Fighters   0
32017/10/25GameKamen rider City wars   0
42017/03/25SF TVKamen sentai GoriderNormal(0.33)0.9946.653
52016/12/01GameAll kamen rider Rider revolutionBad(-1.00)-3.0046.523
62015/06/24GameKamen rider Storm Heros   0
72015/03/21JP movieSuper Hero Taisen GP Kamen rider 3gouBad(-0.67)-10.0539.6415
82013/05/23GameKAMEN RIDER BATTRIDE WARGood(1.00)2.0048.132
92012/11/29GameKamen Rider SUPER CLIMAX HEROESVery good(2.33)6.9949.743
102012/08/02GameALL KAMENRIDER RIDER GENERATION TWONormal(0.00)0.0047.491
112009/12/12JP movieMasked Rider x Masked Rider W & Decade Movie Taisen 2010Bad(-1.23)-36.9015.4830
122009/01/25SF TVMasked rider DecadeBad(-1.01)-108.0716.83107
132006/08/19JP movieMaster of thunderGood(1.00)1.0049.581
142004/09/11JP movieMaskedrider blade missing aceGood(1.43)67.21109.1647
152004/01/25SF TVMasked Rider BladeGood(1.39)258.54117.08186

2009/02/24 by han (Send message) [Provider: 25680 Host:25704 Browser: 6533] [Edit/Delete / Suggestion to delete]

i love the way he act and he's so cute........
i luv mask rider blade.....

2009/02/22 by yvonne belen (Send message) [Provider: 26112 Host:26360 Browser: 6508] [Edit/Delete / Suggestion to delete]

because i always watch him at the t.v and he is a good actor

2009/02/20 by aubrey ang (Send message) [Provider: 47386 Host:47340 Browser: 4184] [Edit/Delete / Suggestion to delete]

i realy like takayuki!ur so cute!
wish that i can see u in person!
i'm from phil. wish 2 see u!
luv u!godbless!

2009/02/20 by Jessa Cabatingan (Send message) [Provider: 6281 Host:6159 Browser: 6529] [Edit/Delete / Suggestion to delete]

Mask rider blade is the best movie i have ever seen...
i lyk 2 see them in personal....
take care Tsubaki...
God Bless....

2009/01/29 by takayuki lover (Send message) [Provider: 4047 Host:3986 Browser: 6613] [Edit/Delete / Suggestion to delete]

i love you takayuki....

2009/01/14 by ariane mitschek (Send message) [Provider: 41093 Host:41154 Browser: 4184] [Edit/Delete / Suggestion to delete]

because he's so cute........!!!i like it..!!!

2008/12/14 by Aiza (Send message) [Provider: 9190 Host:9315 Browser: 5639] [Edit/Delete / Suggestion to delete]

I never met a person like takayuki tsubaki before. His acting is so good and i love him so much. I want 2 keep surporting him.

2007/09/06 by gen (Send message) [Provider: 26475 Host:26649 Browser: 4184] [Edit/Delete / Suggestion to delete]

i like the way u act,,,,

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