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Birth day1978/09/01
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12019/01/08AnimeCirclet princessGood(0.50)2.0047.844
22015/02/12GameA Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd Library Party   0
32014/10/09AnimeDaitoshokan no hitsujikaiNormal(0.30)3.0048.0110
42014/06/26GameEustia of the Tarnished Wings: Angel's Blessing   0
52014/04/10GameDream Club Gogo.   0
62013/04/25GameKajirikamuikagura akebono no hikari   0
72013/04/09AnimeHayate The Combat butler CutiesNormal(-0.27)-2.9747.0011
82012/08/30GameAQUAPAZZA AQUAPLUS DREAM MATCHNormal(0.00)0.0047.531
92012/04/07AnimeDuel Masters Victory V   0
102012/02/22AnimeTo Heart 2: Dungeon Traveler'sGood(1.00)1.0047.671
112011/10/04AnimeKimi to Boku.Good(0.50)10.0049.1920
122011/06/30GameTo Heart 2: Dungeon Travelers   0
132011/04/28GameOtome wa Boku ni Koi Shiteru Portable hutari no elderVery good(2.00)2.0048.181
142011/04/02AnimeDuel Masters Victory   0
152011/01/04AnimeRio -RainbowGate!-Bad(-0.79)-18.9644.3124
162010/04/03AnimeDuel Masters Cross Shock   0
172009/09/19AnimeDUEL MASTERS lunatic god sagaBest(2.50)5.0048.352
182009/04/04AnimeHayate no gotoku!! (Hayate the combat butler 2nd season)Normal(0.38)22.0451.2258
192009/04/01AnimeMainichi KasanVery bad(-1.52)-41.0440.5827
202009/02/12GameShinjuku no ookamiGood(0.50)1.0047.862
212008/04/05AnimeDuel Masters CrossNormal(0.00)0.0047.501
222008/04/05AnimeBlue Dragon Tenkai no ShichiryuGood(0.50)2.0047.844
232007/10/06AnimeDuel Masters Zero   0
242007/06/21GameSumomomo Momomo ~Shijou Saikyou no Yome~ Keishou Shimasho!? Koi no Hanamuko Soudatsusen!!   0
252007/04/09AnimeZero Duel Masters   0
262007/04/07AnimeBLUE DRAGONVery good(2.00)28.0052.2214
272007/04/01AnimeHayate no gotoku! (Hayate The Combat butler)Good(0.53)76.3260.37144
282007/02/28AnimeTo Heart 2 OVAVery good(2.00)32.0052.9016
292007/01/14AnimeGetsumen To Heiki MINAGood(1.20)12.0049.5310
302007/01/06AnimeDeltora QuestGood(0.83)24.0751.5629
312006/07/05AnimeMuteki Kanban MusumeGood(1.43)62.9258.1144
322006/06/29GameParfait -Chocolat Second Style-Very good(2.43)17.0153.127
332006/04/04AnimeStrawberry PanicNormal(0.34)12.9249.6838
342006/03/30GameMeru Hevun Devil of Chaldea   0
352005/10/03AnimeTo Heart 2Bad(-0.62)-26.0443.1142
362005/04/03AnimeMeru HevunNormal(-0.10)-6.3046.4463
372005/04/02AnimeKoi Koi SevenBad(-0.81)-34.8341.6343
402004/10/01AnimeKakyusei2Very bad(-1.56)-42.1240.4027
412004/04AnimeDuel Masters Charge   0
422002/12/05GameTokyo mew mew Enter the mew mew Serve everyone together   0
432002/10/21AnimeDuel MastersBad(-1.15)-63.2536.8455
442002/04/06AnimeTokyo Mew Mew (Mew Mew Power)Normal(-0.37)-56.6137.96153
461998/07/30GameSTAR OCEAN SECOND STORYVery good(1.54)40.0460.7026

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