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/ Created date:2014/12/26
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Birth day1940/08/31
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12015/04/13LiteratureNihon Kaiju Shinryaku den   0
22013/10/05SF TVKaiki daisakusen Mystery fileNormal(0.00)0.0046.477
32011/09/17JP movieRabbit Horror 3DNormal(0.00)0.0048.684
42011/03/12JP movieHome coming   0
52010/10/09JP movieHanjiroBad(-1.00)-2.0046.832
62007/12/22JP movieMoryo no HakoNormal(-0.40)-4.0044.9910
72007/03/24JP movieArgentine HagBad(-0.60)-3.0045.915
82006/12/23JP movieDIE SILVER MASKEGood(1.00)3.0051.453
92006/09/02JP movieNihon igai zenbu chinbotsuBad(-1.00)-21.0029.3021
102005/12/22SF TVUltra Q Kaijuu densetsu Manjoume Jun no kokuhaku   0
112005/12/22SF TVUltraman Kaijuu densetsu Yonjuunenme no shinjitsuGood(0.50)1.0046.742
122005/07/16JP movieUbume No NatsuNormal(-0.50)-8.0041.3016
132005/07/09JP movieHINOKIONormal(0.40)2.0050.535
141998/05/16JP movieD-zaka no satujin jikenVery good(2.00)2.0050.531
151995/02/04JP movieSharaku   0
161994/03/26JP movieYANEURA NO SANPOSHANormal(0.00)0.0048.681
171991/05/31JP movieYumejiGood(1.00)2.0050.532
181990/04/14JP movieUltra Q The Movie: Legend of the StarsBad(-1.17)-7.0242.206
191990/01/13JP movieTanba Tetsurou no daireikai shindara odoroitaBad(-1.50)-3.0045.912
201988/01/30JP movieTokyo: The Last MegalopolisNormal(0.45)4.9553.2511
211986/11/04DramaAoi numa no onnaNormal(0.00)0.0048.522
221985/08/31JP movieTyphoon ClubNormal(0.00)0.0048.683
231984/01/28JP movieMitsugetsu   0
241983/11/15DramaNami no bonBest(3.00)3.0050.691
251981/08/21JP movieKagerouzaVery good(2.00)4.0052.372
261980/10/10AnimeNijuushi no hitomi   0
271980/09/20JP movieKaichouon   0
281980/03/04DramaAitsu to Ore   0
291979/03/17JP movieZISSOZIAKIO ULTRAMANVery good(1.50)6.0054.224
301976/10/05DramaCode number 108 Shichinin no Lib   0
311976/08/23DramaNagisayoriaiwokomete   0
321974/10/26JP movieAsaki yumemishiNormal(0.00)0.0048.681
331974/07/08DramaTatakae! DragonGood(1.33)3.9951.413
341973/01/07SF TVFiremanGood(0.71)9.9449.1714
351972/12/17JP movieDaigoro VS. GoliathVery good(1.60)8.0056.075
361972/10/08SF TVIron KingGood(1.39)25.0253.2718
371971/11/28SF TVSilverMask/SilverMask GiantGood(0.79)15.0150.5519
381971/04/02SF TVReturn of ultramanVery good(1.97)143.8185.5873
391967/10/01SF TVULTRA 7Very good(2.43)223.56107.2792

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