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Birth day1966/10/18
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Average(Out)Very good50.6695550,175

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12019/02/09AnimeCODE GEASS the Re;surrectionNormal(0.33)1.9847.816
32018/05/26AnimeCODE GEASS Hangyaku no Lelouch 3 OudouVery good(1.50)6.0048.484
42018/02/10AnimeCODE GEASS Hangyaku no Lelouch 2 HandouGood(1.00)4.0048.154
52017/10/21AnimeCODE GEASS Hangyaku no Lelouch 1 KoudouGood(1.00)4.0048.154
72016/07/11AnimeACTIVE RAID Special Public Security Fifth Division Third Mobile Assault Eighth Unit 2ndVery good(2.00)2.0047.811
82016/02/06AnimeCODE GEASS: Akito The Exiled 5Bad(-0.75)-3.0046.984
92016/01/07AnimeACTIVE RAID Special Public Security Fifth Division Third Mobile Assault Eighth UnitGood(0.54)7.0248.6513
102015/07/04AnimeCODE GEASS: Akito The Exiled 4Normal(-0.33)-1.9847.156
112015/05/02AnimeCODE GEASS: Akito The Exiled 3Normal(0.14)0.9847.647
122015/01/11AnimeJunketsu no mariaGood(1.05)23.1051.3322
132013/09/14AnimeCODE GEASS: Akito The Exiled 2Good(0.50)3.0047.986
142013/08/26ComicsCODE GEASS OZ The Reflection O2   0
152013/07/07AnimeFANTASISTA DOLLNormal(0.18)1.9847.8111
162012/08/04AnimeCODE GEASS: Akito The ExiledNormal(0.43)6.0248.4814
172012/07/27AnimeCode Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Nunnally in WonderlandNormal(-0.22)-1.9847.159
182012/04/10ComicsCODE GEASS OZ The Reflection   0
192011/11/19AnimeS.CRY.ed: AlterationBad(-1.00)-4.0046.814
202010/05/26ComicsCODE GEASS : Renya of DarknessNormal(0.00)0.0048.611
212009/09/05AnimeKimba The White Lion (Jungle Emperor) : Courage changes the futureGood(0.82)9.0248.9811
222009/05/17AnimeDOGS: Bullets and Carnage   0
232008/10/04AnimeKurogane no Linebarrels (Linebarrels of iron)Normal(0.02)0.8847.6344
242008/04/06AnimeCODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion R2Good(0.72)192.9679.67268
252008ComicsBakumatsu Ibunroku CODE GEASS - Lelouch of the Rebellion -Bad(-1.00)-1.0048.311
262007/06/30LiteratureCODE GEASS - Lelouch of the Rebellion - Aka no kiseki   0
272007/04/28LiteratureCODE GEASS - Lelouch of the Rebellion -Very good(2.00)2.0048.771
282006/10/06AnimeCODE GEASS - Lelouch of the Rebellion -Good(1.19)377.23110.42317
292006/02/24ComicsGun Sword Another   0
302006ComicsCODE GEASS Nightmare of NunnallyVery good(1.50)3.0049.512
312006ComicsCODE GEASS - Lelouch of the Rebellion -Bad(-1.00)-1.0048.311
332005/07/04AnimeGUN SWORDGood(1.37)169.8875.82124
362003/10/04AnimePlanetesVery good(2.10)518.70134.03247
372003/10/01AnimeShinkon Gattai Godannar!!Normal(0.39)12.0949.5031
382002/10/19AnimeKIDDY GRADEGood(1.01)77.7760.4577
392001/07/04AnimeS-Cry-Ed (Scryed)Very good(1.75)574.00143.25328
401999/10/06AnimeInfinite Ryvius (Mugen no Ryvius)Very good(1.68)344.40104.94205
411998AnimeONE PIECE Taose Kaizoku GyanzackVery good(1.50)3.0047.982
421995/04/07AnimeNew Mobile Report Gundam WingGood(1.31)466.36125.29356
431995/04/04AnimeWild Knights GulkeevaGood(0.58)6.9648.6412
441994/04/01AnimeMobile Fighter G GundamGood(1.40)421.40117.79301
451993/10/21AnimeDominion Tank PoliceGood(0.90)9.0048.9810
461990/04/27Anime1+2 = Paradise Taiketsu Momoiro Shimai V.S. Koushoku JououbachiGood(1.00)2.0047.812

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