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Average(Out)Very good47.115933,361

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12019/01/11AnimeGrimms Notes The AnimationNormal(0.25)1.0047.644
22014/04/10AnimeIs the order a rabbit? (Gochuumon wa usagi desuka?)Good(0.85)56.1056.8266
32014/03/08AnimeDoraemon the Movie New Nobita's Great Demon -Peko and the Exploration Party of Five-Very good(2.00)8.0048.814
42013/01/06AnimeMinami-ke tadaimaVery good(1.98)93.0662.9847
52012/10/05AnimeMinamike omataseGood(0.67)4.0248.156
62011/04/12AnimeThe World God Only Knows2 (Kami nomizo shiru sekai2)Good(0.91)30.9452.6334
72010/11/06JP movieMaria sama ga miteru ( The Virgin Mary Watches Over Us )Good(1.00)1.0049.571
82010/05/15AnimeBungaku Shoujo memoirNormal(0.33)1.9847.816
92009/10/08AnimeHyakko Extra   0
102009/10/06AnimeNogizaka Haruka no Himitsu PurezzaNormal(0.38)9.1249.0024
112009/10/03AnimeTo aru Kagaku no RailgunGood(0.90)147.6072.06164
122009/07/07AnimeSora no ManimaniGood(1.29)79.9860.8062
132009/06/23AnimeMinamike betsubaraNormal(0.20)1.0047.645
142009/01/05AnimeMinamike OkaeriGood(0.69)64.1758.1793
152008/12/22AnimeKamen no Maid guy OVAGood(0.50)1.0047.642
162008/04/05AnimeMasquerade Maid guy (Kamen no meidogai)Normal(0.00)0.0047.4840
172008/03/26AnimeSchool Days OVA Special Magical Heart KokorochanBad(-0.64)-21.1243.9633
182008/03/08AnimeDoraemon movie Nobita And Green giantan sorojyBad(-0.79)-26.0743.1433
202008/01/17AnimeValentine DaysNormal(0.00)0.0047.4811
212008/01/07AnimeMinamike OkawariBad(-1.10)-132.0025.49120
222008/01/06AnimeZoku sayonara zetsubou senseiVery good(1.90)39.9054.1221
232007/12/21AnimeOVA Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Next SeasonGood(1.43)10.0149.147
242007/10/08AnimeMinamikeVery good(1.68)297.3697.01177
252007/10/02SF TVCUTEY HONEY THE LIVEVery good(2.00)8.0048.584
262007/10/01AnimeD.C. II Da Capo: IIBad(-0.90)-44.1040.1349
272007/07/12AnimeSchool DaysBad(-0.51)-110.1629.13216
282006/11/24AnimeMy-Otome ZweiGood(1.38)22.0851.1616
292006/10/06AnimeAsatte no houkouGood(0.52)14.0449.8227
302006/10/04AnimeNegi Magi !?Normal(-0.37)-17.0244.6446
312006/07/01AnimeOtogi-jushi Akazukin (TV Series)Good(1.27)41.9154.4633
332006/01/12AnimeKashimashi: Girl meets GirlNormal(-0.15)-7.9546.1553
342006/01/08AnimeTACTICAL ROARBad(-0.81)-25.9243.1632
362005/10/05AnimeIGPX -Immortal Grand Prix-Normal(0.30)6.0048.4820
372005/07/04AnimeAkahori Gedou Hour: LovegeNormal(-0.19)-4.9446.6526
382005/07/02AnimeD.C.S.S. Da Capo: second seasonBad(-0.69)-46.2339.7867
392002/04/06AnimeWagamama Fairy Mirumo de Pon!Good(1.10)138.6070.56126
402001/04/01AnimeCosmic Baton Girl Commet-sanGood(1.43)40.0454.1528
412001/04/01AnimeDigimon TamersGood(1.24)109.1265.6588
422000/07/26AnimeHand Maid MayGood(0.97)28.1352.1629
431999/10/12DramaOUT tsuma tachi no han zaiGood(1.00)4.0051.334

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