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/ Created date:2015/01/06
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12017/12/01JP movieFullmetal AlchemistBad(-1.50)-3.0045.652
22012/02/11AnimeDragon Age -Holy war of blood mage-   0
32011/10/16DramaNankyoku TairikuNormal(0.00)0.0048.431
42011/02/11JP movieAshita no Joe 2011Normal(-0.40)-4.0044.7510
52009/10/02AnimeTOVery bad(-2.20)-11.0045.625
62008/10/25JP movieICHINormal(-0.29)-2.0346.527
82007/07/18LiteratureVexille   0
92005/04/02JP movieYaji & Kita: The Midnight (Mayonaka no Yajisan Kitasan)Very bad(-1.71)-29.0722.2817
102004/04/17AnimeAppleseed (movie)Good(0.50)1.0047.522
112002/07/20JP moviePing PongGood(0.98)41.1685.2342
122000/04/14DramaIkebukuro West Gate ParkVery good(1.94)67.9092.8735

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