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Birth day1948/04/16
Died day2006/09/17
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11986/08/27AnimeElevencats And Albatoros   0
21983/07/10AnimePATALLIRO STARDUST (Patalliro! Stardust Program )Good(0.75)3.0047.934
41983/04/05AnimeWonder Six (Galactic Gale Sasuraiger)Good(0.80)8.0048.7510
51983/02/05AnimeAura Battler DunbineGood(1.38)109.0265.4079
61982/07/06AnimeGinga Reppuu Baxinger (Galactic Gale Baxinger)Normal(0.29)4.0648.1014
71982/05/05AnimeTwo down full baseVery good(2.00)2.0047.771
81981/10/23AnimeFang of the Sun DOUGRAM (Taiyo no Kiba DOUGRAM)Very good(2.36)59.0057.1625
91981/04/16AnimeQueen MilleniaGood(0.60)3.0047.935
101981/03/14AnimeMobile Suit Gundam IVery good(2.00)2.0047.771
111980/12/20AnimeCYBORG 009: GALAXY LEGENDNormal(-0.42)-5.0446.6112
121980/10/17SF TVMasked Rider Super1Good(1.08)39.9657.2337
131980/10/11AnimeSpace Battleship Yamato 3 (Space Cruiser Yamato 3 / Uchu Senkan Yamato 3)Normal(-0.47)-7.0546.2715
141980/08/19AnimeYami No Teiou Kyuuketsuki DraculaGood(1.00)1.0047.601
151980/08/15MovieFRIDAY THE 13THNormal(0.04)0.9648.1424
161980/06/30AnimeSpace Warrior BaldiosGood(0.73)16.0650.0822
171980/06/30AnimeSpace Warrior Baldios TVNormal(0.00)0.0047.442
181980/02/02AnimeMuteki Robo Tryder G7Very good(1.83)21.9651.0512
191979/10/05SF TVMasked Rider [Sky Rider]Good(0.59)20.0651.8034
201979/09/08AnimeAim For The Best! Movie versionVery good(2.00)4.0048.092
211978/06/03AnimeMuteki Koujin DaitaanVery good(1.84)46.0055.0225
221978/04/10AnimeIkkyu san (Shinji Mizushima)Good(0.60)3.0047.935
231978/04/01AnimeTousho DaimosGood(1.29)39.9954.0331
241977/06/04AnimeChodenji Machien Voltes VVery good(1.73)51.9055.9930
251977/03/03AnimeGassin Sentai Mechander RoboGood(0.62)4.9648.258
261976/04/04AnimeGowapper GodamGood(1.00)7.0048.597
271975/04/07AnimeGanba adventureVery good(1.91)127.9768.5267
291974/10/04AnimeHurricane PolymarVery good(1.71)35.9153.3521
301971/04/02SF TVReturn of ultramanVery good(1.92)138.2484.0772

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