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/ Created date:2015/03/22
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Birth day1961/10/15
Jobsupervisor producer
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Average(Out)Very good56.57118,480

Related Works (Sorted by when started: You can sort the works list based on the below items.)
12006/07/26JP movieEli, Eli, Lema Sabachthani?Good(1.00)1.0049.571
22005/01/22JP movieLakeside murder caseNormal(0.33)1.9850.466
32004/01/09DramaDamned Files Season ThreeVery good(2.00)2.0049.911
42003/12/06JP movieBeautiful summer in KirishimaGood(1.00)2.0050.472
52003/10/24DramaDamned Files Season TwoNormal(0.00)0.0048.491
62003/10/17DramaDamned Files Another EpisodeGood(1.00)1.0049.201
72003/08/02JP movieH storyGood(1.00)1.0049.571
82003/07/04DramaDamned Files Season OneGood(1.00)1.0049.201
92002/06/15JP movieChloeGood(1.00)2.0050.472
102001/07/20JP movieELECTRIC DRAGON 80000VBad(-1.00)-2.0046.842
112001/01/27JP movieOtogirisouVery bad(-1.62)-12.9636.888
122001/01/20JP movieEUREKAVery good(1.67)5.0153.213
132000/10/07JP movieGOJOEBad(-1.00)-1.0047.751
141999/01/23JP movieSHIKOKUNormal(-0.50)-2.0046.844
151998/01/31JP movieThe SpiralVery bad(-1.68)-31.9219.6419
161998/01/31JP movieThe RingGood(1.09)81.75122.9775
171997/11/01JP movieMOENOSUZAKUGood(0.50)2.0050.474
181996/07/27JP movieHelplessNormal(0.00)0.0048.661
191996/02/24JP movieUchuu kamotsusen Remnant 6   0
201995/12/23JP movieBeRLiNNormal(0.00)0.0048.661
211995/02/03JP movieJoyuureiGood(1.20)6.0054.115
221994/12/17JP movieNatural WoManGood(1.00)1.0049.571

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