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/ Created date:2014/06/04
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Birth day1988/09/14
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Related Works (Sorted by when started: You can sort the works list based on the below items.)
12019/01/11AnimeTHE PROMISED NEVERLAND (Yakusoku no Never Land)   0
22018/10/07AnimeGoblin SlayerGood(1.00)4.0048.034
32018/10/06AnimeUlysses Jannu Daruku to Renkin no KishiWorst(-3.00)-3.0046.911
42018/07/14AnimeHI SCORE GIRLVery good(1.75)21.0050.7612
52018/07/10AnimeOVER LORD 3Normal(0.17)1.0247.566
62018/07/08AnimePlanet WithGood(1.09)11.9949.3211
72018/04/05AnimeTadakun wa koi wo shinaiNormal(0.00)0.0047.3913
82018/01/13AnimeDARLING in the FRANXXNormal(-0.12)-2.0447.0617
92017/09/14GameAzur LaneGood(1.00)1.0047.771
102017/08/22GamePuella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia RecordGood(1.00)2.0048.092
112017/07/12AnimeMahoujin guruguru 2017Good(1.45)15.9549.9511
122017/01/08AnimeInterviews with Monster GirlsGood(1.24)21.0850.7717
132016/04/26GameKankore ArcadeVery good(1.80)9.0050.325
142016/02/18GameKankore kaiNormal(0.00)0.0047.452
152016/01/29AnimeQueen's Blade Grimoire   0
162016/01/10AnimeRainbow DaysGood(0.67)2.0147.713
172016/01/09AnimeBUBUKI BRANKIBad(-0.86)-6.0246.437
182016/01/07AnimeACTIVE RAID Special Public Security Fifth Division Third Mobile Assault Eighth UnitGood(0.54)7.0248.5213
192015/10/10AnimeVALKYRIE DRIVE MERMAIDGood(0.70)7.0048.5110
202015/10/05AnimeA Tale of Worst OneNormal(0.22)7.0448.5232
212015/09/19AnimeKokoro ga sakebitagatterunda. (Beautiful Word Beautiful World)Good(1.48)34.0452.8523
222015/07/04AnimeShimoneta to iu gainen ga sonzai shinai taikutsu na sekaiNormal(0.06)1.0847.5618
232015/07/04AnimeSenki Zesshou Symphogear GXNormal(0.25)3.0047.8712
242015/04/04AnimeShokugeki no soma (Food Wars!)Good(0.94)15.9849.9617
252015/04/04AnimeDungeon ni deai wo motomeruno wa machigatte irudarou kaGood(0.95)18.0550.2919
262015/03/16GameKemono Friends   0
272015AnimeSuper short comics   0
282014/09/28AnimeTribe cool crewVery good(2.00)2.0047.711
292014/08/18AnimeNozo x KimiGood(0.67)2.0147.713
302014/07/14AnimeSeireitsukai no bladedanceGood(0.64)7.0448.5211
312014/07/09AnimeMaji moji RurumoGood(0.67)8.0448.6812
322014/04/05AnimeKenzen robo daimidalerGood(0.67)16.0849.9724
332014/03/10GameGrandblue fantasyVery good(2.00)2.0048.091

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