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12014/04/05AnimeKindaichi shounen no jikenbo returnsNormal(0.18)1.9847.7811
22012/12/17AnimeKindaichi shounen no jikenbo Kuro majustsu satsujin jikenGood(0.50)1.0047.612
32010/10/23AnimeToriko Barbarian Ivy wo Hokaku Seyo!   0
42010/02/16AnimeHalo Legends   0
52008/06/02AnimeRoboDz FuunhenGood(1.00)1.0047.611
72006/07/01AnimePowerpuff Girls ZGood(1.15)23.0051.2420
82005/02/06AnimePRECURE Max HeartNormal(0.25)13.0049.5952
92004/02/01AnimePRECURE (Pretty Cure)Good(0.79)107.4465.14136
102003/04/01AnimeAir masterGood(1.29)90.3062.3270
111999/08/21AnimeKindaichi Case Files THE MOVIE 2Normal(-0.50)-2.0047.124
121997/04/07AnimeKindaichi Shonen no JikenboNormal(0.34)54.4056.41160
131996/12/14AnimeKindaichi Case Files THE MOVIEVery good(1.50)6.0048.444
141996/01/07AnimeGegege no Kitaro 1996Best(2.50)5.0048.272
151994/12/04AnimeAoki densetsu Shoot! The MovieGood(1.00)1.0047.611
161993/11/17AnimeAoki densetu shootGood(1.26)86.9461.7669
171993/02/24AnimeDragon Ball Z Zetsubou heno Hankou!! Nokosareta Chou Senshi Gohan To TrunksGood(1.43)30.0352.3921
181992/03/07AnimeDragon Ball Z Gekitotsu 100 Oku Power no Senshi TachiGood(1.10)22.0051.0720
191991/07/20AnimeDragon Ball Z Tobikkiri no Saikyou Tai SaikyouVery good(2.00)60.0057.3330
201990/10/17AnimeDragonboll Z The final decisive battle of only one personVery good(2.00)38.0053.7119
211990/03/10AnimeDragon Ball Z The most powerful oneGood(1.21)16.9450.2414
221989/04/26AnimeDragon Ball ZGood(1.25)612.50148.31490
231988AnimeCrying FreemanGood(0.75)3.0047.944
241987/07/18AnimeDragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil's CastleGood(1.25)10.0049.108
251986/12/20AnimeDragon Ball Syenron no DensetsuGood(1.25)10.0049.108
261986/02/26AnimeDragon BallVery good(2.15)154.8072.9472
271983/07/10AnimePATALLIRO STARDUST (Patalliro! Stardust Program )Good(0.75)3.0047.944
291968/01/03AnimeGegege no KitaroVery good(1.54)169.4075.34110

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