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/ Created date:2015/05/11
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12019/03/15AnimeGrisaia phantom trigger the animationGood(1.00)1.0047.601
22015/04/19AnimeGrisaia no RakuenGood(1.27)13.9749.7411
32015/04/12AnimeGrisaia no MeikyuuGood(1.12)8.9648.918
42015/04/03AnimeMy yourth romantic comedy is wrong as I expected zokuGood(0.81)17.0150.2421
52014/10/05AnimeGrisaia no kajitsu -LE FRUIT DE LA GRISAIA-Good(0.50)8.0048.7516
62012/01/10AnimeAno Natsu de MatteruGood(0.58)30.1652.4152
82007/04/01AnimeHayate no gotoku! (Hayate The Combat butler)Good(0.50)71.5059.22143
92006/04/08AnimeBLACK LAGOONGood(0.93)80.9160.7787
102006/04/05AnimeMakai Senki DisgaiaNormal(0.24)5.0448.2721
112006/01/06AnimeFate/stay nightNormal(0.45)68.4058.71152
122005/01/05AnimeSTARSHIP OPERATORSNormal(0.26)11.9649.4146
132004/07/04AnimeMaria sama ga miteru HaruGood(1.38)11.0449.268
142004/01/08AnimeMaria sama ga miteru ( The Virgin Mary Watches Over Us )Good(0.84)74.7659.7689
152003/02/06AnimeGunparade March ( Gunparade March Aratanaru Kougun-ka )Good(0.93)64.1758.0169

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