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/ Created date:2008/05/14
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12019/07/31AnimeKENGAN ASHURA   0
22017/07/12AnimeYoukoso jitsuryokushijosyugi no kyoushitsu eNormal(-0.32)-7.0446.2722
32017/04/07AnimeTsuki ga kirei(as the moon. so beautiful.)Good(1.37)36.9953.5027
42016/11/19AnimeAnsatsu kyoushitsu Sanbyakurokujuugonichi no jikanNormal(0.00)0.0047.431
52016/07/14AnimeDANGANRONPA 3 The End of Kibougamine gakuen zetsubou-henVery bad(-1.80)-9.0045.955
62015/10/03AnimeAoki Hagane no Arpejio Arus Nova CadenzaVery good(1.50)6.0048.414
72015/07/03AnimeRampo Kitan Game of LaplaceNormal(-0.15)-1.9547.1113
82015/01/31AnimeAoki Hagane no Arpeggio Ars Nova DcGood(0.75)3.0047.924
92015/01/10AnimeASSASINAION CLASSROOM (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu)Good(0.71)12.0749.4117
102014/10/10AnimeOre, twintale ni narimasu.Normal(-0.06)-1.0247.2617
112013/07/05AnimeDANGANRONPA The AnimationNormal(0.08)4.2448.1253
122011/10/07AnimePersona 4 The AnimationGood(0.75)24.0051.3732
132011/08/14AnimeCarnival PhantasmGood(1.14)7.9848.747
142011/07/06AnimeKamisama dollsNormal(0.41)11.8949.3829
152009/10/02AnimeNyan Koi!Good(0.82)53.3056.1765
162008/11/02AnimeSeto no Hanayome OVAGood(1.06)19.0850.5618
172008/10/04AnimeTentai Senshi SunredGood(1.42)51.1255.8236
182007/04/01AnimeSeto no hanayomeVery good(1.72)297.5696.26173
191987/01/14GameRinku no BoukenGood(1.47)24.9955.4817

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