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Birth day1984/09/12
Jobvoice actor
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12019/10/17DramaShiyakusho   0
22019/05/31JP movieSayonarakuchibiru   0
32019/04/05DramaRikon na futariGood(1.00)1.0049.141
42018/01/26DramaHoliday loveNormal(-0.33)-0.9947.773
52017/02/18JP movieGukoroku   0
62016/11/05JP movieHappy Wedding   0
72015/01/09AnimeFafner in the Azure EXODUSVery good(1.50)18.0050.4012
82014/07/19AnimePokemon the movie XY -Hakai no Mayu-Very good(1.50)9.0048.926
92013/03/14GameSuper Robot Wars UXVery good(2.17)13.0251.656
112008/12/05AnimeMach GirlGood(1.00)1.0047.601
122008/05/10AnimeAmuri in Star Ocean (Hoshi no Amuri)Normal(0.40)2.0047.765
132007/07/11DramaHotaru no hikariVery good(1.62)12.9657.418
142006/04/03DramaJUNJOH KIRARINormal(0.19)3.0450.5516
152006/01/07JP movieRinneGood(0.80)8.0055.6410
162005/12/22GameKingdom Hearts2Good(0.74)39.2260.0853
172005/10/14AnimeParadise kissNormal(0.18)3.0647.9417
182005/08/20JP movieNoroiNormal(0.00)0.0048.3411
192005/07/02AnimeSugar2 RuneNormal(0.47)8.9348.9119
202005/04/02JP movieYaji & Kita: The Midnight (Mayonaka no Yajisan Kitasan)Very bad(-1.71)-29.0721.8117
212004/07/05AnimeFafner in the Azure: Dead Aggressor (Soukyu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor)Good(0.74)134.6869.62182
222003/03/13GameFinal Fantasy X-2Bad(-1.00)-216.00-22.07216
232001/07/19GameFinal Fantasy XGood(1.09)365.15164.99335
242000/04/08DramaRokubanme no SayokoGood(1.43)20.0262.2914

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