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/ Created date:2006/09/23
Birth day02/11
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2009/06/29 by Paulo Sergio (Send message) [Provider: 18746 Host:18815 Browser: 13289] [Edit/Delete / Suggestion to delete]

Hi, um ... I'm from Brazil, and I am a big fan of Kenichi, I have some friends in Japan and they send me the mangas, since I'm really bad in nihongo they also send the translations...

They have evend send me the anime DVD's ...
I really love the Kenichi Series, but i was sad to found out that there was no animation of the Yami saga...Will it ever be animated?
If it would...i would be really really happy
I love to see it ...
Congratulations on your success!
I wish for the most success in your life!
Thank you ... From a Kenichi overseas fans ....
BTW, my nicknamne on the net is: Hineri Kojiro ....but since whe write the name diferently here on Brazil, it becomes: Kojiro:the first name, Hineri:the name of the Family
(hence: Kojiro Hineri)
I really love your work on Kenichi, it is one of the most detailed mangas i have ever read, and besides that, the girls are just to die for!
Hope you continue your work
Ja nee!

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