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Birth day1976/03/01
Official sitehttp://www.ref.co.jp/baobab/ladies/kobayashi_m/profile.html
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Average(Out)Very good46.713414,716

Related Works (Sorted by when started: You can sort the works list based on the below items.)
12011/08/27AnimeMagister Negi Magi (Mahou Sensei Negima) the movie Anime FinalVery bad(-2.00)-6.0046.453
22011/05/12GameDokidoki suikoden   0
32009/09/17AnimeMagister NEGI MAGI: Another worldNormal(0.00)0.0047.442
42008/08/12AnimeMahou Sensei Negima (Magister Negi Magi ) - Shirokitubasa ALA ALBA-Very good(2.00)4.0048.092
52007/06/14GameNegima!? Neo-Pactio Fight!!Very good(1.50)3.0048.422
62006/11/22AnimeMagister Negi Magi Summer SpecialNormal(0.33)1.9847.766
72006/10/25AnimeNegi Magi Spring SpecialNormal(0.20)2.0047.7710
82006/10/06AnimeMamoru-kun ni megami no shukufuku oNormal(-0.35)-5.9546.4517
92006/10/04AnimeNegi Magi !?Normal(-0.37)-17.0244.6346
102006/04/04AnimeGIRL'S HIGH (Joshikosei)Good(0.78)35.8853.3546
112006/01/07AnimeBowwow Celebrity-Poodle Let's Go! TetsunoshinVery good(1.64)41.0054.1925
122005/04/29AnimeTrinity BloodNormal(0.21)5.8848.4028
132005/01/05AnimeMagister Negi Magi (Mahou Sensei Negima)Normal(-0.24)-19.6844.1982
142004/11ComicsVassalord.   0
152004/06/25AnimeKURAU Phantom MemoryGood(1.07)46.0155.0243
162004/04/04AnimePhoenix (Hi no tori)Good(1.22)50.0255.6841
172004/01/23AnimeTenbatsu Angel RabbieVery bad(-2.00)-6.0046.453
182002/08/16AnimePrincess tutu (Princess Chuchu)Very good(1.61)82.1160.9751

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