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Birth day1961/04/04
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Average(Out)Very good49.63126962,057

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12019/06/20LiteratureUltraman Tiga Kagayakeru mono tachi e   0
22007/10/18AnimeShinreigari GHOST HOUNDGood(1.00)19.0050.5619
32007/07/13AnimeMononokeVery good(1.93)115.8066.4260
42007/04/21AnimeKino no tabi Byouki no kuniGood(1.00)2.0047.782
52007/01/19AnimeGR GIANT ROBONormal(-0.33)-1.9847.136
62006/04/05AnimeAIR GEARVery bad(-1.85)-74.0035.3340
72006/01/28JP movieMirror-man ReflexNormal(0.00)0.0048.672
82006/01/13AnimeAYAKASHI - JAPANESE CLASSIC HORROR -Good(1.48)39.9654.0027
92005/07/02SF TVUltraman MAXGood(1.06)50.8860.2448
102004/10/16JP movieMarebitoNormal(0.00)0.0048.672
112004/04/06SF TVUltra Q dark fantasyGood(0.64)7.0448.2711
122003/07/18GameVampire Yui SenyashoNormal(0.00)0.0047.481
132003/07/07AnimeShadow Star Narutaru (Narutaru: Mukuro naru Hoshi Tama taru Ko)Normal(-0.37)-15.1744.9741
142003/05/22AnimeParasite DollsBad(-0.78)-7.0246.309
162002/08/16AnimePrincess tutu (Princess Chuchu)Very good(1.61)82.1160.9051
222001/10/16AnimeHellsing (TV Series)Normal(0.05)2.2047.8144
232001/04/01AnimeDigimon TamersGood(1.23)107.0164.9887
252001/03/25SF TVUltraman Gia: Gia yo FutatabiGood(0.67)4.0247.446
261999/10/13AnimeThe Big OVery good(1.71)135.0969.5879
271998/10/10AnimeDevilman LadyGood(1.30)26.0051.7120
281998/09/05SF TVULTRAMAN GAIAVery good(2.31)157.0889.2468
291998/07/07AnimeSerial Experiments LainGood(1.42)126.3868.1589
301998/05/30AnimeTotsuzen!neko no kuni baniparuwiit   0
311998/02/14AnimeWonderful Magic Fan Fan PharmacyVery good(1.77)38.9453.8322
321997/10/06AnimeVampire Princess MiyuVery good(2.25)137.2569.9361
331996/09/07SF TVULTRAMAN TIGAVery good(2.27)227.00108.34100
341996/04/18SF TVMMRGood(1.00)2.0046.892
351996/01/07AnimeGegege no Kitaro 1996Best(2.50)5.0048.272
361996LiteratureMagic User's ClubNormal(0.00)0.0046.561
371996AnimeMAHO TSUKAI TAI!Very good(1.77)61.9557.6035
381995/04/21AnimeArmitage III (Armitage 3rd)Very good(1.54)20.0250.7313
391991/10/02DramaGhost legend WARASHI   0
401990/09/25SF TVULTRAMAN TOWARDS THE FUTURE (ULTRAMAN GREAT)Very good(1.64)36.0856.2022
411990SF TVEarth Defense Girl IKO Chan 3Very good(1.67)5.0147.713
421987/02/25AnimeBubblegum CrisisGood(0.90)9.0048.9310

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