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/ Created date:2006/10/15
Birth day1964/02/27
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12019/04/06AnimeMixVery good(2.00)2.0047.801
22018/12/14AnimeDragon ball Super BrolyGood(1.17)14.0449.8012
32018/02/10JP movieKonya Romance gekijou deVery good(2.00)2.0050.491
42016/07/21DramaEigyou buchou Kira Natsuko   0
52015/10/20DramaSiren Keiji Kanojyo KanzenakujyoNormal(-0.33)-0.9947.803
62015/09/28DramaThe date What's Love? 2015 SummerNormal(-0.50)-1.0047.802
72015/09/15DramaUNFAIR the special: Double meaning RensaVery bad(-2.00)-2.0047.091
82015/07/05AnimeDRAGON BALL SUPERBad(-1.38)-64.8636.7047
92015/04/18AnimeDragon Ball Z Fukkatsu no FBad(-1.11)-19.9844.1518
102015/01/11DramaMurder on the Orient Express(2015 Fuji TV version)Very bad(-2.00)-6.0044.253
112014/04/26JP movieTHERMAE ROMAE 2Good(0.92)11.9659.5513
122014/01/07DramaKami no tsukiVery bad(-2.50)-5.0044.962
132013/04/07AnimeTORIKO x ONE PIECE x DRAGON BALL Z SPBest(3.00)3.0047.971
142013/03/30AnimeDRAGON BALL Z Battle of gods(DRAGON BALL Z Kami to kami)Good(0.70)23.1051.3133
152013/03/01DramaUnfair Double Meaning Yes or No?Bad(-1.00)-1.0047.801
162012/10/07DramaOne no kanata ni   0
172012/07/05DramaHigashino Keigo mysteresGood(0.50)1.0049.222
182012/04/28JP movieThermae RomaeGood(0.74)19.9866.8427
192011/12/10JP movieGenji Monogatari: Sennen no NazoGood(0.50)1.0049.582
202011/10/08JP movieYoake no MachideNormal(0.00)0.0048.671
212011/09/23DramaUNFAIR the special: Double meaningBad(-1.20)-6.0044.255
222011/09/17JP movieUnfair the answerGood(1.00)2.0050.492
232010/10/12DramaGuilty: Akuma to Keiyaku shita OnnaGood(0.50)1.0049.222
242009/12/19AnimeProfessor Layton and The Eternal DivaNormal(-0.15)-1.9547.1513
252009/03/30DramaTsubasaVery bad(-1.56)-14.0438.559
272008/10/02Animeshikabanehime Aka / kuroBad(-0.97)-35.8941.5137
292007/07/03DramaUshi ni negaiwo Love and FarmBad(-1.50)-12.0039.998
302007/06/30DramaNew MACHIBENVery good(2.00)2.0049.921
312007/03/17JP movieUnfair the movieNormal(-0.27)-2.9745.9711
322007/01/04DramaMAGUROVery bad(-2.00)-2.0047.091
332006/10/03DramaUnfair the special CodeBreakingGood(0.67)4.0251.366
342006/07/11DramaDandori Dance DrillBad(-1.33)-3.9945.683
352006/06/21DramaSeishunenergy   0
362006/04/11DramaBusu no hitomi ni koi shiteruBad(-1.00)-11.0040.7011
372004/11/17DramaYounger brotherNormal(-0.25)-1.0047.804
392004/01/15DramaAce wo Nerae! (Aim for the Ace!)Bad(-1.38)-33.1225.0124
412002/01/10DramaLove of powerGood(1.11)9.9955.599
422000/10/09DramaYamato NadeshikoVery good(1.54)53.9086.7435
432000/08/19JP movieWHITEOUTGood(1.08)12.9660.4612
441994/01/10DramaMr. Minami's Sweetheart (Minami Kun No Koibito)Normal(-0.25)-4.0045.6716

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