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Birth day1932/09/10
Died day1995/03/19
Jobvoice actor
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11996/04/19AnimeThe Rescuers Down UnderGood(0.50)1.0047.602
21995/04/22AnimeLupin the 3rd Go to Hell NosutoradamusuNormal(0.26)4.9448.2519
31994/07/29AnimeLupin the 3rd Flame of ZantetukenGood(0.74)14.0649.7519
41993/07/23AnimeLUPIN THE 3RD ASASIN THE LUPINGood(1.07)16.0550.0815
51993/04/24MovieUNFORGIVEN (1992)Good(1.45)15.9560.3811
61992/07/24AnimeLUPIN THE 3RD From Russia with LoveNormal(-0.33)-2.9746.959
71992/02/23SF TVKEKKON ZENTEI SENSHI LOVE-LOVE-FIREVery good(2.00)8.0048.504
81991/11/29GameCOBRA 2   0
91991/08/09AnimeLupin the 3rd Dicctionary of NaporaonBad(-0.80)-8.0046.1210
101991AnimeThe Golden Monkey Conquers the EvilGood(1.00)1.0047.601
111990/10/29SF TVAfter ManVery good(1.60)8.0048.505
121990/07/20AnimeLupin the 3rd Peper of HemingwayGood(0.72)12.9649.5718
131989/04/01AnimeLupin the 3rd Bye Bye Ribaty CrisisGood(1.25)20.0050.7316
141989/03/31GameSPACE ADVENTURE COBRA Legend of black dragonGood(1.00)1.0047.781
151988/09/23MovieTHE DEAD POOLGood(0.75)3.0049.814
161985/07/13AnimeLUPIN THE 3RD: LEGEND OF VABIRON GOLDVery bad(-1.64)-22.9643.6514
181984/04/28MovieSudden ImpactGood(0.60)3.0049.815
191984/03/03AnimeLupin the 3rd Part IIIGood(1.17)14.0449.7512
201983/03/12AnimeThe Fox and the HoundGood(1.00)1.0047.601
211983/02/09AnimeThe Life Of Don MatsugoroBest(3.00)6.0048.422
221982/07/17MovieFIREFOXVery good(1.56)14.0458.829
241981/06/07SF TVThe Muppet ShowBest(3.00)3.0047.141
261979/12/15AnimeLupin the 3rd The Castle of CagliostroVery good(1.71)171.0075.61100
271979/04/15DramaOre tachi wa tenshi da !Very good(2.38)19.0461.628
281979/04/05DramaShyoujoTantei SuperWGood(1.00)2.0049.842
291979/04SF TVBunbun Time   0
301979MovieThe Muppet Movie   0
311978/12/16AnimeLupin the 3rd : The Mystery of MamoVery good(1.82)89.1862.1349
321977/12/23AnimeYakyuukyou no UtaVery good(1.71)11.9749.417
331977/10/03AnimeNew Lupin the 3rd (Lupin the 3rd)Very good(2.15)55.9056.6526
341977ComicsMakaroni HourensouVery good(2.17)52.0864.0424
351976/12/25MovieThe EnforcerGood(0.67)4.0250.646
361976/09/04MovieKiller Force (The Diamond Mercanries)Normal(0.00)0.0047.361
371976/08/28MovieFamily PlotGood(1.33)3.9950.623
381976/01/02AnimeAdventures of Huckleberry   0
391975/07/02AnimeSpace Knight: TekkamanGood(0.86)6.0248.437
401974/04/05AnimeHoshi no ko ChobinNormal(0.00)0.0047.447
411974/02/09MovieMagnum ForceGood(1.33)11.9757.139
421973/12/29JP movieGolgo 13 (Ken Takakula ver.)Good(0.50)1.0049.252
431973/03/17AnimePanda Kopanda: Amefuri Circus no MakiVery good(2.00)4.0048.092
441973/01/07AnimeRocky Chuck the Mountain RatGood(1.33)11.9749.419
451972/12/17AnimePanda KopandaVery good(1.67)20.0450.7412
461972/10/07SF TVRush Human Being (Totsugeki Human)Good(1.33)3.9947.413
471972/07/03SF TVUrgent command 10-4 10-10Good(0.86)6.0247.967
481972/02/26MovieDIRTY HARRYGood(1.33)23.9466.9118
491971/12/04MovieThe BeguiledNormal(-0.38)-3.0444.888
501971/10/24AnimeLupin IIIVery good(1.78)284.8094.36160
511971/09/04DramaTENNO NO SEIKIVery good(2.00)4.0051.222
521971/01/03AnimeAndersen MonogatariVery good(2.00)4.0048.092
531970/12/26MovieKELLY'S HEROESVery good(2.20)11.0056.345
541970/04/06SF TVNekojarashi no 11 ninGood(1.00)1.0046.591
551970/01/31MovieEasy RiderGood(1.00)6.0052.266
561969/04/06AnimeNinpu kamui gaidenVery good(1.88)15.0449.918
571968/12/14MovieWhere Eagles DareGood(1.33)3.9950.623
581967/12/30MovieTHE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLYVery good(2.20)22.0065.3210
591967/01/27MovieFOR A FEW DOLLARS MOREVery good(1.64)18.0462.0911
601965/12/25MovieA FISTFUL OF DOLLARSGood(1.05)21.0064.5120
611965/01/07AnimeSuper Jetter, the Boy From the FutureVery good(1.86)13.0249.587
621962/12/18DramaCombatVery good(1.71)11.9756.737
631962/07/27AnimeOne Hundred and One DalmatiansVery good(1.50)3.0047.932

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