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People:Voice actor related works ranking Rank 1,211(in 3745 entries) / Related works 24 / Deviation 48.15) Rank 1,210 <= => Rank 1,212

Birth day12/28
Official sitehttp://www.81produce.co.jp/manjr/yamaguchitakayuki.html
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Average(Out)Very good55.4575544,493

Related Works (Sorted by when started: You can sort the works list based on the below items.)
12018/03/10AnimeEngimon   0
22007/04/05AnimeNagasarete airantouNormal(0.39)27.6952.0071
32005/04/14GameFAR EAST OF EDEN3Bad(-1.17)-7.0245.206
42004/10/03AnimeZOIDS FUZORSNormal(-0.35)-7.0046.2820
52004/07/17AnimePokemon: Destiny Deoxys (Visitor from the Space Fisure Deoxys)Bad(-0.76)-22.0443.8029
62004/04/04AnimeThe Marshmallow TimesGood(0.52)13.0049.5825
72003/10/14AnimeMA BU RA HOBad(-0.54)-35.1041.6565
82003/07/19AnimePokemon: Jirachi Wish Maker (Wishing Star of Seven Nights, Jirachi)Normal(-0.17)-5.9546.4635
102003/04/03AnimePluster (Bouken Yuki Pluster World)Good(0.78)17.9450.3923
112003/03/13GameFinal Fantasy X-2Bad(-1.00)-216.00-22.08216
122003/02/21AnimeEARLY REINSNormal(-0.50)-2.0047.114
132002/09/30AnimePetite Princess Yucie (Puchi Puri Yucie)Very good(1.71)29.0752.2317
142002/07/01AnimeSamurai Deeper KYONormal(0.41)31.1652.5776
152002/04/05AnimeBakutou Sengen DaigandaaNormal(0.44)11.0049.2525
162001/10/10AnimeHikaru no GoGood(1.48)418.84116.46283
172001/07/19GameFinal Fantasy XGood(1.09)365.15165.00335
182001/07/04AnimeI My Me! Strawberry EggGood(1.11)58.8357.1353
192000/12/29SF TVG-SaivourBad(-0.75)-12.0043.0416
202000/07/26AnimeHand Maid MayGood(0.97)28.1352.0729
211999/10/05AnimeArmor Rescue Unit RESTOLGood(0.67)2.0147.773
221999/04/08AnimeDual! Parallel Trouble AdventuresGood(1.14)33.0652.8829
231999/01/04AnimeSuper Marble Man (Super Bidaman)Normal(-0.50)-8.0046.1216
241999AnimeBob The BuilderVery good(1.67)5.0148.263

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