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Birth day08/10
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Average(Out)Very good48.0871946,780

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12010/03/26AnimeArmored Trooper Votoms Gen-EiNormal(0.14)0.9847.567
22005/07/28GameSuper Robot Wars: Alpha 3Good(0.61)58.5666.1796
32004/03/08AnimeDoraemon: Nobita in the Wannyan Spacetime OdysseyGood(0.63)22.0550.9635
42003/07/05AnimeRumic Theater (Takahashi Rumiko Gekijou)Very good(1.51)55.8756.4237
52003/04/03AnimeKaleido starVery good(2.43)865.08187.02356
72001/04/07AnimePROJECT ARMSGood(0.67)28.1451.9442
81999/03/06JP movieUltraman Tiga, Ultraman Dyna & Ultraman Gia - Chou-Jikuu no Dai-Kessen -Good(1.33)23.9469.8918
91996/01/25AnimeMOBILE SUIT GUNDAM: The 08th MS TeamGood(1.05)183.7577.06175
101996/01/07AnimeGegege no Kitaro 1996Best(2.50)5.0048.212
111995/01/15AnimeRomeo's Blue Skies (Romio no aoisora)Very good(2.26)201.1479.8689
121991/09/21AnimeIZUMO 1991   0
131991AnimeFujiko F Fujio SF tanpen theater Zetsumetsu no shimaNormal(0.00)0.0047.403
141990/04/01AnimeFujiko F Fujio SF tanpen theater Midori no mamorigamiGood(0.50)1.0047.562
151989/11/04AnimeTyphoon IsewanGood(1.00)1.0047.561
161989/04/09AnimeNew Bikkuriman (Shin Bikkuriman)Very good(1.56)14.0449.679
171988/10/02AnimeShin Grimm meisaku gekijouVery good(2.00)4.0048.052
181988LiteratureSaint Elza CrusadersGood(1.12)8.9655.888
191986/12/20AnimeKinnikuman seigitchoujintaisenshichoujinBad(-0.67)-2.0147.083
201986/03/15AnimeKinnikuman NewYorkkikiippatsuNormal(0.00)0.0047.403
211985/12/21AnimeKINNIKUMAN HARESUGATASEIGICHOUJINNormal(0.00)0.0047.401
221985/10/12AnimeGegege no Kitaro 1985Very good(2.00)6.0048.373
231985/07/13AnimeKinnikuman gyakushuu uchuu kakure choujinNormal(-0.20)-1.0047.245
241985/04/11SF TVSukeban dekaGood(0.60)12.0049.4820
251985/03/16AnimeKinnikuman seigichojin vs kodaichojinBad(-1.20)-6.0046.435
261984/12/22AnimeKinnikuman ooabareseigichoujinBad(-1.00)-4.0046.764
271984/07/14AnimeKINNIKUMAN: Ubawareta Championship BeltNormal(0.33)0.9947.563
281984/04/07AnimeSeven Justice Superman vs Space BanditsGood(0.67)4.0248.056
301983/04/03AnimeManga Nihonishi ( Manga History of Japan)Normal(0.36)3.9648.0411
311983/04/01AnimeArmored Trooper Votoms (TV Series)Very good(2.19)214.6282.0498
331982/02/27AnimeI Am a Cat (Wagahai wa Neko de aru)Very good(2.00)6.0048.373
341981/10/23AnimeFang of the Sun DOUGRAM (Taiyo no Kiba DOUGRAM)Very good(2.36)59.0056.9225
351981/04/07AnimeWakakusanoyonshimai   0
361980/05/03AnimeWakakusa monogatari   0
371979/03/17AnimeStarginger the movieBest(2.50)5.0048.212
381978/03/14AnimeSpace Pirate Captain HarlockVery good(1.90)38.0053.5320
391977/02/03AnimeJetter MarsGood(0.50)3.0047.896
401975/10/07SF TVAkumaizer 3Good(1.36)19.0451.4014
411975/10/05AnimeSteel JeegGood(1.29)18.0650.3214
421974/09/08AnimeGreat MajingerNormal(0.41)9.0248.8622
431974/04/01AnimeMajokko Megu-chan ( Little Witch Meg / Witch Girl Meg-chan )Very good(1.79)25.0651.4514
441973/01/01AnimeBabel II (1973 ver.)Very good(1.84)46.0054.8325
451972/12/03AnimeMazinger ZVery good(2.09)96.1462.9246
461971/10/07AnimeGegege no Kitaro 1971Very good(2.00)6.0048.373
471969/10/02AnimeTiger MaskVery good(1.79)50.1255.4928
481969/03/18AnimeHitoribocchi   0
501968/01/03AnimeGegege no Kitaro 1968Very good(2.00)2.0047.721
511967/10/01SF TVULTRA 7Very good(2.41)216.90105.2390
521966/12/05AnimeSally the Witch (Mahou Tsukai Sally) (1966)Very good(2.40)12.0049.345

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