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Birth day1925/01/14
Died day1970/11/25
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12017/05/26JP movieUtsukushii Hoshi   0
22005/10/30JP movieHaru No Yuki   0
31986/04/25AnimeSumitomo seimei Seishun anime zenshuu   0
41976/07/17JP movieKinkakuji   0
51975/04/26JP movieShiosai 1975Bad(-1.00)-1.0047.761
61968/08/14JP movieKurotokage (Fukasaku Kinji)Very good(1.50)3.0051.442
101966/04/12JP moviePatriotismGood(1.00)1.0049.601
111965LiteratureHoujou no Umi   0
121964/05/23JP movieKemono no tawamure   0
131964/04/29JP movieThe roar of the seaGood(0.50)1.0049.602
141962/03/14JP movieKUROTOKAGE   0
151961/01LiteratureYuukoku   0
161960/03/23JP movieKarakkaze yarou   0
171958/08/19JP movieEnjou   0
181957LiteratureBitoku no yoromeki   0
201954/10/20JP movieShiosai   0
211954LiteratureThe Sound of Waves (Shiosai)Good(1.44)12.9660.659
221954LiteratureMegami   0
231953LiteratureKoi no miyako   0
241952/11/01LiteratureNippon sei   0
251951/08/05LiteratureNatsuko no bouken   0
261951LiteratureForbidden Colors (Kinjjiki)   0
271950/06/30LiteratureAi no kawaki   0
281950LiteratureAo no jidai   0
291950LiteratureJunpaku no yoru   0
301949/07LiteratureConfessions of a Mask (Kamen no Kokuhaku)Good(1.00)4.0050.954
311947LiteratureTouzoku   0

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