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Birth day1946/03/04
Jobvoice actor singer
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Average(Out)Very good47.673319,790

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12011/03/12JP movieHome coming   0
22010/11/27JP movieDeath kappaBad(-1.33)-3.9945.003
32008/09/13JP movieDaikessen super ultra 8 kyodaiGood(1.36)38.0883.8328
42006/04/08SF TVUltraman MebiusGood(1.18)76.7067.3465
52005/12/22SF TVUltra Q Kaijuu densetsu Manjoume Jun no kokuhaku   0
62005/12/22SF TVUltraman Kaijuu densetsu Yonjuunenme no shinjitsuGood(0.50)1.0046.742
72005/07/02SF TVUltraman MAXGood(1.04)50.9660.3349
82004/05/20GameULTRAMAN PS2   0
92003/11/26ComicsFuji Akiko monogatari   0
102002/05/22SF TVULTRASEVEN EVOLUTIONBad(-1.20)-6.0044.835
112001/07/07SF TVULTRAMAN COSMOSGood(0.94)45.1258.7448
121999/10/20SF TVUltraman NiceVery good(1.70)17.0051.0910
131997/10/04DramaShin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner   0
141997/04/12JP movieULTRAMAN ZEAS 2Very good(2.00)8.0056.064
151996/03/09JP movieULTRAMAN ZEASVery good(1.80)27.0073.6015
161996/03/09JP movieREVIVE! ULTRAMANBad(-1.20)-6.0043.145
171994/03/21SF TVHeisei Ultra SevenGood(0.50)3.0047.286
181993SF TVUltramanM730 ultrakaijubattlegame   0
191992/04/01SF TVUltraman M730 Ultra Kaijyuu Kougeki Dai-ZukanVery good(1.67)5.0147.833
211980/04/02SF TVULTRAMAN 80Good(1.14)42.1857.9437
221979/07/21JP movieUltraman kaijuu daikessenNormal(0.45)4.9553.2511
231979/03/17JP movieZISSOZIAKIO ULTRAMANVery good(1.50)6.0054.224
241978/10/07JP movieDynamite DondonBest(2.50)20.0067.148
251977/03/15JP movieFurenzoku satsujin jikenBad(-1.50)-3.0045.912
261976/10/16DramaFive highways headlong   0
271976/07/27DramaNEW Two case books Run in the dawn   0
281976/04/02SF TVUchu Tetsujin KyodainGood(0.62)9.9249.1716
291975/04/02DramaOretachi no kunshouVery good(2.33)6.9953.583
301975/04/01DramaTOKYO DETECTIVE Two case books   0
311974/10/02DramaBreaking Dawn Detective   0
321974/04/12SF TVULTRAMAN LEOGood(1.23)68.8865.2156
331973/07/09DramaTRIPLE Investigation line   0
341972/01/01DramaKogarashi MonjiroVery good(2.33)13.9858.646
351971/10/02DramaUkiyoe onnanezumikozou   0
361970/01/07DramaDokushin no Scat   0
371967/10/01SF TVULTRA 7Very good(2.43)221.13106.6491
381967/09/15JP movieFengfu and pomegranate   0
391967/07/22JP movieUltraman the Movie   0
401967/04/27DramaTaiyonoaitu   0
411967/03/30DramaJump out to the blue sky   0
421966/07/17SF TVULTRAMANBest(2.60)296.40127.13114
431966/01/02SF TVULTRA QVery good(2.31)97.0272.8742
441963/11/16JP movieEburi Man shi no yuuga na seikatsuGood(1.00)1.0049.601

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