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12019/11/22AnimeFrag time   0
22018/10/03AnimeRErideD: Derrida, who leaps through timeBad(-0.67)-4.0246.776
32018/06/09AnimeAsagao to KasesanGood(0.71)4.9748.257
42018/04/11AnimeRokuhoudou yotsuirobiyoriGood(1.00)3.0047.933
52016/10/13AnimeFune wo amuGood(0.73)8.0348.7611
62016/02/13AnimeSelector destructed WIXOSSGood(1.00)3.0047.933
72016/01/07AnimeGirls beyond the youth KOYABad(-1.00)-13.0045.2913
82014/10/04AnimeSelector spread WIXOSSGood(1.44)23.0451.2316
92014/04/04AnimeSelector infected WIXOSSGood(1.17)26.9151.8723
102013/04/20AnimeSteins;Gate the Movie Fuka ryouiki no deja vuGood(0.64)8.9648.9114
112012/10/07AnimeSay ''I love you''.Good(0.74)14.0649.7519
122012/01/13AnimeInu Boku Secret ServiceGood(1.05)40.9554.1839
132011/04/03AnimeSteins;GateVery good(1.79)273.8792.57153
142010/11/06AnimeArmored Trooper Votoms Case;IRVINEBad(-0.67)-6.0346.449
152010/01/23AnimeFate/stay night: Unlimited Blade WorksNormal(-0.23)-6.9046.3030
162009/10/03AnimeSeitokai no Ichizon: Hekiyou Gakuen Seitokai GijirokuNormal(-0.07)-6.3746.3991
172009/01/23AnimeIchigo mashimaro encoreNormal(0.29)4.9348.2517
192007/02/23AnimeIchigo Mashimaro Original Video AnimationGood(1.00)15.0049.9115
202006/01/06AnimeFate/stay nightNormal(0.45)68.4058.71152
232004/09/30AnimeIchigeki sacchu hoihoi sanGood(1.11)9.9949.089
242004/04/03AnimeMidori's Days (Midori no hibi)Good(1.40)100.8064.0572
252004/01/13AnimeDiamond Daydreams (Kita he: Diamond Dust Drops)Good(1.32)25.0851.5719
272002/08/16AnimePrincess tutu (Princess Chuchu)Very good(1.61)82.1160.9751
292002/04/09AnimeThe Twelve Kingdoms (Juuni Kokuki)Very good(1.71)292.4195.62171
332001/04/01AnimeCosmic Baton Girl Commet-sanGood(1.43)40.0454.0328
342000/04/26AnimeNieA_7 (Nia Under 7)Good(1.15)47.1555.2141
351995/11/27AnimeSTREET FIGHTER 2 VNormal(0.23)2.9947.9313

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