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Birth day1932/05/14
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Average(Out)Very good54.494637,482

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12011/03/12JP movieHome coming   0
22008/09/13JP movieDaikessen super ultra 8 kyodaiGood(1.36)38.0883.8128
32006/04/08SF TVUltraman MebiusGood(1.18)76.7067.3765
42005/12/22SF TVUltra Q Kaijuu densetsu Manjoume Jun no kokuhaku   0
52005/12/05JP movieGodzilla FINAL WARSNormal(0.18)7.0255.1639
62005/07/02SF TVUltraman MAXGood(1.04)50.9660.3549
72004/10/02SF TVULTRAMAN NEXUSGood(1.49)135.5983.4191
82003/01/09DramaBeauty or BeastGood(1.11)21.0963.7819
91999/07/07SF TVULTRA SEVEN 1999Very bad(-2.50)-10.0043.744
101998/06/05SF TVUltra Seven Tanjou 30 Shuunen 3 bu-sakuVery good(1.50)6.0048.104
111997/10/09DramaMoody fruit TBS   0
121994/12/10JP movieGODZILLA VS SPEACEGODZILLAGood(1.48)31.0877.3521
131994/03/21SF TVHeisei Ultra SevenGood(0.50)3.0047.286
141993/12/11JP movieGODZILLA VS MECHAGODZILLAGood(1.11)41.0786.5737
151991/04/11DramaGEISYAKOHARU Brilliant Adventure   0
161987/10/21DramaProfessional golfer REIKONormal(0.00)0.0048.521
171986/10/04DramaKamen butoukai 1986 TV-AsahiVery good(2.00)2.0049.961
181985/11/09JP movieSorekaraGood(1.00)2.0050.532
191980/04/02SF TVULTRAMAN 80Good(1.14)42.1857.9637
201979/10/14DramaSeibu KeisatsuGood(0.97)32.9872.3834
211978/09/01DramaKieta Giants   0
221978/06/03DramaKamen butoukaiNormal(-0.50)-1.0047.792
231978/05/04DramaEdonouzu   0
241978/01/10DramaEdonotaka Goyobeyahankatyo   0
251977/10/05DramaTomarrow criminal   0
261977/03/18SF TVBrain 17 (Dai Tetsujin 17)Good(1.00)18.0051.3718
271975/09/06JP movieDoumyaku rettou   0
281975/07/12JP movieToukyouwan enjouGood(0.50)2.0050.534
291975/03/15JP movieREVENGE OF MECHAGODZILLAGood(1.07)16.0563.4915
301975/02/01JP movieKokuso sezuGood(0.50)1.0049.602
311974/08/17JP movieKarafuta Summer 1945 Ice and Snow Gate   0
321974/04/02DramaHigh school teacher (Yuzo Kato version)   0
331974/03/21JP movieGODZILLA VS THE BIONIC MONSTERGood(1.32)25.0871.8219
341973/01/17SF TVJumborg AGood(1.25)15.0050.5512
351971/07/17JP movieBattle of OKINAWAVery good(2.00)6.0054.223
361971/04/10DramaNingyo Sashichi torimonocho 1971 Yoichi HayashiGood(1.00)1.0049.241
371971/04/02SF TVReturn of ultramanVery good(1.97)143.8185.6573
381970/08/23DramaAttention Please 1970nenban   0
391970/08/11JP movieGekidou no shouwashi 'Gunbatsu'   0
401970/08/01JP movieYOG MONSTER FROM SPACENormal(0.40)4.0052.3710
411969/12/20JP movieGODZILLA'S REVENGEGood(0.75)6.0054.228
421969/08/13JP movieWarInTheJapanseaBest(2.60)13.0060.675
431968/08/01JP movieDESTROY ALL MONSTERSGood(1.00)26.0072.6726
441967/12/16JP movieSON OF GODZILLAGood(0.82)9.0257.0011
451967/10/01SF TVULTRA 7Very good(2.43)221.13106.7291
461967/04/27DramaTaiyonoaitu   0
471966/07/31JP movieThe War of the GargantuasVery good(1.50)12.0059.758
481966/01/02SF TVULTRA QVery good(2.31)97.0272.9042
491965/08/08JP movieUmi no wakadaishou   0
501965/08/08JP movieFrankenstein conquers the worldNormal(0.42)5.0453.3312
511965/01/15JP movieKigeki Ekimae iin   0
521964/12/20JP movieGhidrah, the Three-Headed Monster[Godzilla]Good(1.00)16.0063.4416
531964/10/31JP movieKigeki Ekimae tenjin   0
541964/08/11JP movieKigeki Ekimae ondo   0
551964/04/29JP movieGODZILLA VS THE THINGGood(1.19)24.9971.7421
561963/12/22JP movieATRAGON: THE FLYING SUPER SUBGood(1.20)12.0059.7510
571963/08/11JP movieTHE ATTACK OF THE MUSHROOM PEOPLEVery good(1.88)31.9678.1717
581962/08/11JP movieKing Kong vs.GodzillaNormal(0.33)9.9057.8130
591962/03/21JP movieGORATH THE TERRORGood(1.27)13.9761.5711
601961/09/29JP movieSnow in the South Seas (Minami no shima ni yuki ga furu)Good(1.00)1.0049.601
611961/07/30JP movieMothra(61)Very good(1.65)28.0574.5617
621961/03/18JP movieHigashi kara kita otoko   0
631958/06/24JP movieThe H-ManGood(0.50)3.0051.456
641957/12/28JP movieTHE MYSTERIANGood(1.45)15.9563.4011
651956/12/26JP movieRODANVery good(1.93)28.9575.3915

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