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Birth day1941/01/11
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Average(Out)Very good47.1841331,723

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12002/04/06AnimeTokyo Mew Mew (Mew Mew Power)Normal(-0.37)-56.6138.11153
111991/01/05AnimeI'm Chokkaku(Ore Ha Chokkaku),Good(0.80)4.0048.095
131988/03/11AnimeHarbor Light Story Fashion Lala yoriWorst(-2.67)-8.0146.123
141987/08/01AnimeAitsu to Lullaby Suiyoubi no CinderellaGood(1.00)1.0047.601
151987/03/21AnimeThe Target Which Laughs (Warau Hyoteki)Normal(-0.25)-3.0046.9412
171986/09/15AnimeUruseiyatsura I'm THE ShuuchanVery bad(-2.00)-2.0047.111
181986/05/21AnimeThe Super GirlNormal(0.12)0.9647.598
191986/03/21AnimeFire TriperVery good(2.00)22.0051.0611
211983/07/01AnimeMagical Angel Creamy MamiVery good(1.69)87.8861.9152
221983/04/01AnimeArmored Trooper Votoms (TV Series)Very good(2.20)217.8083.3299
231982/10/12AnimeBEEMARYANEWSTORYVery good(1.50)3.0047.932
241982/02/06AnimeBlue gaile XabungleGood(1.30)59.8057.2946
251981/10/14AnimeUrusei YatsuraGood(1.39)233.5285.90168
261981/04/07AnimeJOLLY The Good dog (Meiken Jolly)Good(1.29)9.0348.927
281981/01/31AnimeSaikyo Robo DaiojaVery good(2.00)34.0053.0417
291980/02/02AnimeMuteki Robo Tryder G7Very good(1.83)21.9651.0512
301979/04/04AnimeThe ULTRAMANGood(0.92)11.0449.2512
311978/07/27AnimeUchu Majin DaikengoGood(1.00)5.0048.265
321978/04/01AnimeTousho DaimosGood(1.29)39.9954.0231
331977/12/13AnimePetite AngieBad(-0.75)-3.0046.944
351977/04/09AnimeCho Gattai Majutsu Robo GingaizaBad(-0.92)-11.0445.6212
361976/07/05AnimeBlocker Army Corps 4 Machine BlastarGood(0.67)8.0448.7612
381974/10/06AnimeTentoumushi no UtaVery good(1.75)7.0048.594
391974/10/04AnimeHurricane PolymarVery good(1.71)35.9153.3521
401972/01/04AnimeKashi no ki MokkuGood(1.00)4.0048.094
411971/09/25AnimeGenious BakabonGood(0.97)67.9058.6270
421970/10/04AnimeInakappe TaisyouNormal(-0.03)-0.8747.2929

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