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/ Created date:2006/11/10
Birth day1951/05/17
Jobvoice actor
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Related Works (Sorted by when started: You can sort the works list based on the below items.)
11981/10/09DramaKita No Kuni KaraNormal(0.12)1.9249.7016
21981/02/07SF TVTaiyo Sentai Sun VulcanVery good(1.59)46.1158.5629
31979/01/07AnimeANNE OF GREEN GABLESVery good(1.54)80.0860.1752
41976/07/18AnimeGrendizer Getter Robot G Great Mazinger Kessen! DaikaijuGood(1.38)11.0449.148
51976/04/01AnimeYoukaiden Nekome kozou   0
61975/04/05SF TVGorangerVery good(1.75)63.0063.1136
71975/04/04AnimeBrave Raideen (Yuusha Raideen)Very good(1.88)31.9652.4817
81974/09/08AnimeGreat MajingerNormal(0.41)9.0248.8222
91974/07/25AnimeMazinger Z vs. the Grand General of Darkness (Majinga Zetto tai Ankoku Daishogun)Very good(1.67)20.0450.5812
101974/04/09SF TVInazuman FlashVery good(2.18)23.9852.5911
111973/05/12SF TVKikaider01Good(0.77)16.9450.7022
121973/04/14SF TVFuuun Lion MaruGood(1.11)9.9948.829
131972/12/03AnimeMazinger ZVery good(2.09)96.1462.7346

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