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Birth day1954/02/08
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12019/12/12GameShin Sakura Wars   0
22019/09/16ComicsShin sakura wars   0
32018/10/04AnimeSora to Umi no AidaVery bad(-2.24)-38.0841.1717
42017/09/28GameBetween the Sky and Sea   0
52014/09/27AnimeKaren senkiVery bad(-2.00)-2.0047.101
62013/08/02AnimeMad box zombies   0
72008/03/19GameDramatic Dungeon: Sakura TaisenNormal(0.00)0.0047.453
82007/04/04AnimeSAKURA WARS NEW YORK NYBad(-1.00)-1.0047.271
92006/06/10LiteratureDevil box   0
102006/01/08SF TVRyukendoVery good(1.75)35.0055.8620
112005/10ComicsSakura wars Show theaterGood(1.00)1.0048.861
122005/07/07GameSakura Wars 5 Goodbye dear personNormal(0.33)5.9449.3618
132005/07/02AnimeMoeyo ken TV (Kido Shinsengumi Moeyo ken TV )Normal(-0.19)-5.8946.4631
142005/04/14GameFAR EAST OF EDEN3Bad(-1.17)-7.0245.206
152004/10/20AnimeSakura Wars:Le Nouveau ParisBad(-1.00)-3.0046.943
162004/01/13AnimeDiamond Daydreams (Kita he: Diamond Dust Drops)Good(1.32)25.0851.5619
172004ComicsShinkirou teikoku   0
182003/11/19AnimeMoeyo ken (Kido Shinsengumi Moeyo ken / OVA ver.)Bad(-1.00)-13.0045.2913
192003/03/19AnimeSakura Wars:Ecole de ParisBad(-1.00)-4.0046.774
202003/02/27GameSakura Wars atsuki chishio niNormal(0.33)1.9848.096
212003ComicsSaprivinders   0
222002/12/26GameKidou Shinsengumi Moeyo KenVery bad(-1.75)-63.0027.1936
232002/12/18AnimeSakura Wars Retirement commemoration of Kanzaki Sumire:Su Mi ReVery bad(-1.67)-5.0146.613
242002/06ComicsSakura Wars For ComicGood(1.00)11.0051.8311
252002/03/21GameSakura Wars4 Koi seyo OtomeVery good(1.79)25.0655.5114
262001/12/22AnimeSakura Wars The MovieGood(0.50)1.0047.602
272001/03/22GameSakura Wars 3 Battle of ParisVery good(2.25)45.0061.9220
282000/04/08AnimeSakura Wars (TV version)Very good(1.50)15.0049.9010
291999/12/18AnimeSakura Wars gouka kenranGood(1.00)5.0048.255
311998/04/25AnimeVirgin FleetNormal(0.20)2.0047.7610
321997/12/18AnimeSakura WarsGood(0.87)86.1361.5999
331997/12/18AnimeSakura Wars ouka kenranGood(0.50)3.0047.926
341997/10/02AnimeChou Mashin Eiyuuden WataruNormal(-0.17)-1.0247.266
351997/01/14GameFar East of Eden : The Apocalypse IVNormal(-0.25)-2.0046.818
361996/09/27GameSakura WarsGood(1.38)80.0473.1958
371995/05/26GameNouvelle Fanpasia Gulliver BoyVery good(2.00)4.0048.742
381995/03LiteratureFancy Science World Gulliver Boy   0
391995/01/08AnimeFancy Science World Gulliver BoyNormal(0.08)1.0447.6013
401993/09/01LiteratureMadou King Granzort X Ankoku no Shounen   0
411993LiteratureMadou King Granzort Y Nankai no maou   0
421992/12/16ComicsGakuen Tengoku Ore wa JyuubeiBad(-1.00)-3.0047.683
431992/03/27AnimeMadou king Gran zort Bouken henVery good(2.00)2.0047.761
441992/03/26GameFAR EAST OF EDEN 2Very good(2.25)36.0059.0316
451991/10/04AnimeGenji Tsusin AgedamaGood(1.33)19.9550.7115
461991GameGenji Tsusin Agedama   0
471991LiteratureMirage EmpireNormal(0.00)0.0046.321
481990/10/08AnimePEACH COMMAND NEW PEACH BOY LEGENDBest(3.00)3.0047.921
491990/08/02AnimeMadou king Gran zort Saigo no magical sakusenBad(-1.00)-1.0047.271
501990/07/27AnimeTengai makyo jiraiya oborohenGood(1.00)2.0047.762
511990/06/01LiteratureMashin Eiyuuden Wataru ANOTHER STEP   0
521990/02LiteratureMajin densetsu Wataru Toraou densetsu   0
531989/10/02AnimeMomotaroudensetsu PEACHBOYLEGENDVery good(2.40)12.0049.405
541989/08/01LiteratureMadou king Gran zortGood(1.00)1.0047.401
551989/04/07AnimeMadou kingu guran zo-toVery good(1.90)39.9053.9921

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