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Birth day1950/01/03
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12018/04/02AnimeOmae wa mada GUNMA wo shiranaiGood(0.83)4.9848.266
22009/12/12AnimeSpace Battleship Yamato RebirthBad(-0.87)-13.0545.2815
32008/01/06AnimeZoku sayonara zetsubou senseiVery good(1.90)39.9054.0121
41997/01/09AnimeSpeed Racer(1997 ver.)Good(0.62)9.9249.0716
51994/12/04GameSTRAHLVery good(2.00)2.0048.101
61994/08/01GameSeisenshi Densho: Jantaku no Kishi   0
71986/01/21AnimeCOOL COOL BYE   0
81985/01/21AnimeGREEDVery bad(-2.00)-4.0046.782
91984/04/15AnimeThe Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross (Choujikuu Kidan Southern Cross)Bad(-0.75)-3.0046.944
101984/02/04AnimeHEAVY METAL L-GAIMGood(1.09)47.9655.3444
111983/07/09AnimeXabungle graffitiGood(0.50)1.0047.602
121983/02/05AnimeAura Battler DunbineGood(1.38)109.0265.4179
131982/11/30LiteratureWalker Machine XabungleGood(1.00)5.0051.695
141982/07/10AnimeTHE IDEON; A CONTACTNormal(0.20)1.0047.605
151982/07/10AnimeTHE IDEON; Be INVOKEDGood(1.00)2.0047.772
161982/02/06AnimeBlue gaile XabungleGood(1.30)59.8057.2946
171980/05/08AnimeSPACE RUNAWAY IDEONVery good(1.68)136.0869.8781
181980/05/08AnimeSPACE RUNAWAY IDEON TVGood(1.33)3.9948.093
191980/03/15AnimeHinotori 2772 Ai no Cosmo ZoneGood(1.17)7.0248.596
201979/10/06AnimeMisha (Koguma no Misha)Normal(0.00)0.0047.441

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