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12018/10/01AnimeKen En Ken: Aoki KagayakiNormal(0.00)0.0047.481
22018/08/30GameBomber GirlGood(1.00)1.0047.821
32017/06/17JP movieGirls in Trouble: Space Squad Episode ZeroWorst(-3.00)-3.0045.931
42015/07/05AnimeVENUS PROJECT -CLIMAX-   0
52008/06/26GameTales of Symphonia Knight of RatatoskrNormal(0.16)3.0448.4919
62008/04/19AnimeDetective Conan: Full Score of FearNormal(-0.03)-0.9947.3133
72007/05/12AnimeDenno Coil (Coil - a circle of children)Very good(1.64)180.4077.52110
82006/10/07AnimeHell Girl Futakomori (Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori)Good(0.71)22.0151.1431
92006/07/01AnimePowerpuff Girls ZGood(1.15)23.0051.3120
102006/04/07AnimeRing Ni Kakero VS USAGood(1.29)9.0348.987
112006/01/26GameOtome teki Koi Kakumei Love RevolutionVery good(1.67)5.0149.133
132005/07/04AnimeGUN SWORDGood(1.36)167.2875.34123
142005/01/27GameSpectral Souls 2Very good(1.50)3.0048.482
152004/10/07AnimeRing ni kakeroGood(0.90)18.0050.4820
172004/06/17GameThe Twelve Kingdoms -Emerging of royal road of brilliant barrel bright red green-Normal(0.00)0.0047.501
182004/04/22GameGeneration Of Chaos 4Very bad(-2.00)-6.0045.543
192004/03/25AnimeInter LudeBad(-1.22)-10.9845.659
202004/01/10AnimeMonkey TurnVery good(1.50)60.0057.4740
212002/10/31GameThread ColorsBest(2.50)5.0049.132
222002/10/01AnimeHistory of Hanada (Hanada shounenshi)Very good(2.19)124.8368.2757
232002/04/20AnimeNina and Rei Danger ZoneNormal(0.00)0.0047.481
242002/04/09AnimeThe Twelve Kingdoms (Juuni Kokuki)Very good(1.71)292.4196.18171
252002/04/04AnimeMagical Shopping Arcade AbenobashiGood(0.55)33.0052.9760
262002/02/02AnimeGenma Wars ( Genma Wars: Eve of Mythology / Genma Taisen: Shinwa Zenya no Shou )Very bad(-2.00)-4.0046.812
272001/09/05AnimeGeneration Of Chaos Prologue-Perfect VersionBad(-1.00)-1.0047.311
282001/08/09GameGeneration Of ChaosVery good(2.14)14.9852.397
292001/04/03AnimeStar Ocean EXBad(-0.83)-33.2041.9540
302001AnimeRUN DIMNormal(0.25)1.0047.644
312000/12/04AnimePipopapo Patoru KunBest(2.60)26.0051.8110
322000/09/25AnimeLabyrinth of Flames (Honoo no Labyrinth)Good(1.00)12.0049.4812
341999/08/05GameDream that Pinottia has   0
351999/06/17AnimeTokimeki MemorialGood(0.53)24.9151.6347
361999/04/02AnimeGokudou kun ManyuukiVery good(1.78)40.9454.3023
381998/04/08AnimePrincess Nine - Baseball team of Kisaragi Female High School -Good(1.11)21.0950.9919
391998/03AnimeIf It Can Meet In A Dream (Yume De Aetara)Normal(0.20)1.0047.645
411998/01/25GameKindaichishounennojikenbo hoshimijima kanashiminofukushuukiGood(1.00)4.0048.804
421998GameFatalFury WILD AMBITIONBad(-1.14)-7.9844.897
431998GameREAL BOUT FATAL FURY 2Normal(0.30)3.0048.4810
441997/12/12AnimeBurn Up ExcessNormal(-0.33)-3.9646.8212
461997/04/07AnimeKindaichi Shonen no JikenboNormal(0.33)52.4756.22159
471997/03/28MovieTurbo: A Power Rangers Movie   0
481997/01/14GameFar East of Eden : The Apocalypse IVNormal(-0.43)-3.0146.527
491996GameTokimeki Memorial Taisen Pazulee DamaVery good(1.50)9.0050.446
501995/10/06GameOgre Battle Saga Episode Seven 'Let Us Cling Together'Very good(2.46)172.20103.7070
511994/08/25GameTHE KING OF FIGHTERSGood(1.25)85.0075.2468
521994/05/27GameTOKIMEKI MEMORIALGood(0.82)36.0859.2744
531977/04/03SF TVChisa na Super Man GanbaronGood(1.43)10.0149.137
541976/04/01AnimeYoukaiden Nekome kozou   0

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