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Birth day1967/06/02
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12019/08/16ComicsYakitate japan super real   0
22016/02/10DramaSaijou no meii 2016Very bad(-2.00)-2.0047.061
32010/03/31ComicsSaijou no Meii - The King of Neet -Very good(1.83)21.9655.1712
42007/12/05ComicsSaijou no meiiGood(1.42)26.9856.6719
62001ComicsYakitate japanBad(-0.81)-83.4323.64103
81998/11/30AnimeHigh-Speed Spinner (Super-Speed Spinner)Normal(0.18)1.9847.8111
91997/11/15ComicsHigh-Speed Spinner (Super-Speed Spinner)Good(0.86)18.9254.2622
101997ComicsWIND MILLGood(0.50)4.0049.808
111995/03/01ComicsGo Go Ecchan no caster mairuzo!Normal(0.00)0.0048.601
121993/02/15ComicsSTREET FIGHTER 2 BAKUSHOU 4KOMA GAGGAIDENGood(0.83)4.9850.096
131991/07/15ComicsGrand mother Chie's ChiebukuroNormal(0.00)0.0048.603

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