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Birth day1947/06/14
Jobvoice actor singer
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12011/06/11JP movieGokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero DaikessenVery good(1.86)39.0683.3321
22011/04/01JP movieOOO Den O All Rider Let's Go Masked RiderGood(0.62)9.9257.2216
32009/09/27JP movieGameAction   0
42006/05/25GameTHE SPACE SHERIFF SPIRITSNormal(0.33)1.9848.086
52005/11/05JP movieMASKED RIDER THE FIRSTBad(-0.90)-27.0024.1330
62004/02/21SF TVXYBER SISTERS D3   0
72003/11/27GameMasked Rider Of JusticceGood(0.70)7.0049.6810
82001/08/10SF TVGAOLANGER VS SUPER SQUADRONVery good(1.94)31.0454.5916
91997/03/14SF TVGekisou Sentai Carranjer vs OhranjerGood(1.38)17.9451.0113
101996/03/08SF TVChuriki sentai Oranger vs Kaku rangerBad(-0.60)-9.0043.6515
111995/04/15JP movieChoriki Sentai OrangerGood(0.60)6.0053.7010
121995/03/03SF TVChoriki Sentai OrangerNormal(0.12)6.0047.7550
131992/02/02SF TVSPECIAL RESCUE EXCEEDRAFTNormal(0.31)4.9647.4616
141991/01/20SF TVSpecial Rescue Command Solbrain (Tokkyu Shirei Solbrain)Good(1.23)15.9950.4813
151990/02/04SF TVSPECIAL RESCUE POLICE WINSPECTORVery good(1.70)34.0055.4020
161985/10/07SF TVKage no gundan Bakumatsu hen   0
171984/04/03DramaNagareboshi SakichiGood(0.50)1.0049.082
181984/01/03SF TVBirth of the 10th! Kamen Riders All Together!! (10 go tanjo! Kamen Rider Zenin Shugo)Good(0.53)9.0148.5717
191982/09/25JP movieTo Trap a Kidnapper(Yukai Hodo)   0
201982/03/05SF TVSpace Sheriff GavanVery good(2.44)109.8076.1145
211981/03/14JP movieMasked Rider Super1Good(0.89)8.0155.509
221979/10/05SF TVMasked Rider [Sky Rider]Good(0.58)19.1451.3433
231979/05/26JP movieSonogo no jingi naki tatakaiGood(1.00)1.0049.221
241978/10/28JP movieThe Fall of Ako Castle or Swords of VengeanceGood(1.00)2.0050.122
251978/05/17SF TVSPIDER MAN(Toei TV Series)Good(1.41)31.0254.5922
261978/03/18JP movieJacker Dengekitai Vs GorangerNormal(0.25)3.0051.0112
271978/01/07DramaAbarenbou SyougunGood(1.11)41.0775.4437
281977/12/17JP movieThe War in SpaceNormal(0.12)0.9649.198
291977/04/02SF TVJ.A.K.Q. DengekitaiGood(0.86)18.9251.2822
301977/02/02SF TVKaiketsu ZubatVery good(1.89)83.1668.8344
311976/12/25JP movieTruck yarou Tenka gomenBest(2.50)5.0052.812
321976/07/18JP movieHimitsu Sentai Gorenger: Bakudan HurricaneNormal(0.08)0.9649.1912
331976/01/03SF TVMasked Rider Special Vol.1Normal(0.44)3.9647.199
341975/05/24DramaG MEN'75Very good(2.19)35.0471.4716
351975/04/05SF TVMasked Rider StrongerVery good(1.84)68.0864.7137
361975/04/05SF TVGorangerVery good(1.75)63.0063.3236
371974/08/31JP movieSister Street Fighter   0
381974/07/25JP movie5 riders vs King darkNormal(-0.44)-3.9644.789
391974/02/16SF TVMasked RiderXGood(1.22)45.1458.4437
401973/10/20DramaTasukenin HashiruVery good(1.50)6.0052.374
411973/07/18JP movieKAMEN Rider V3 VS Destoron KaijinGood(0.82)9.0256.4111
421973/02/17SF TVMasked Rider V3Very good(1.67)81.8368.4749
431971/09/06DramaKeijikunVery good(1.50)3.0050.402
441968/04/06DramaKey HunterBest(3.00)3.0050.401

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