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12020/01/10AnimeODA SHINAMON NOBUNAGA   0
22018/07/13AnimePokemon 2018 (movie)Very good(2.00)12.0049.426
32017/07/15AnimePokemon the Movie Kimi ni kimeta!Good(0.81)12.9649.5716
42016/11/17AnimePOKEMON SUN & MOONNormal(0.36)3.9648.1011
52016/07/16AnimePokemon the movie XY -Volcanion to karakuri no Magiana-Best(2.60)13.0049.585
62016/04/16AnimeCrayon shin-chan bakusui! yumemi world daitotsugekiVery good(2.40)12.0049.425
72015/10/29AnimePocket Monster XY&Z (Pokemon XY&Z)Very good(1.78)16.0250.079
82015/07/18AnimePikachuu to Pokemon ongakutaiGood(1.00)1.0047.611
92015/07/18AnimePocket Monster The Movie XY Ring no Choumajin HoopaGood(1.17)7.0248.606
102014/07/19AnimePokemon the movie XY -Hakai no Mayu-Very good(1.50)9.0048.936
112014/04/19AnimeCrayon Shin-chan: Serious Battle! Robot Dad Strikes BackVery good(2.12)33.9253.0116
122014/04/03AnimePocket Monster XY Tokubetsu-hen Saikyou mega shinka Act I   0
132013/10/17AnimePocket Monster XY (Pokemon XY)Very good(2.47)37.0553.5215
142011/07/16AnimePokemon: Victiny and the Dark Hero ZekromGood(1.08)12.9649.5712
152010/09/23AnimePokemon Best Wishes!Normal(-0.47)-26.7943.0657
162010/07/10AnimePokemon Diamond & Pearl Phantom Ruler: ZoroarkVery good(2.36)51.9255.9622
172009/07/18AnimePokemon Diamond & Pearl -Arceus Chokoku no Jiku e-Very good(1.67)30.0652.3718
182006/10/13AnimeThe Mastermind of Mirage PokemonWorst(-3.00)-3.0046.961
192006/09/28AnimePOKEMON Diamond & PearlNormal(-0.33)-25.7443.2378
202005/07/16AnimePokemon: Mew and the Wave Guiding Hero Lucario (movie)Good(0.81)29.1652.2336
212004/07/17AnimePokemon: Destiny Deoxys (Visitor from the Space Fisure Deoxys)Bad(-0.68)-19.0444.3328
222004/04/17AnimeCrayon Shin-chan : Arashi wo yobu yuhi no kasukabe boysGood(1.14)55.8656.6049
232003/07/19AnimePokemon: Jirachi Wish Maker (Wishing Star of Seven Nights, Jirachi)Normal(-0.17)-5.9546.4835
242002/12/03AnimePocket monster Side story   0
252002/07/13AnimePokemon Heroes: Latias & Latios (Guardian Deities of the Water Capital)Good(1.25)50.0055.6440
262002/03/09AnimeThe Doraemons Goal goal goalBad(-1.33)-15.9644.8412
272001/12/30AnimePocket Monster Cristal Raikou kaminari no densetsuBad(-1.00)-1.0047.291
282001/07/07AnimePokemon: 4Ever (Celebi: A Timeless Encounter)Normal(0.11)2.9747.9427
292001/03/10AnimeDorami & Doraemons: Space Land's Critical Event (movie)Normal(-0.45)-4.9546.6411
302000/12/30AnimePokemon Mewtwo ReturnsGood(1.22)10.9849.259
312000/07/08AnimePokemon 3: The Movie (Lord of the Unknown Tower)Good(1.33)35.9153.3327
322000/04/22AnimeCrayon Shin-chan : Arashi wo yobu jungleGood(0.76)31.9252.6842
332000/03/11AnimeThe Doraemons Dokidoki ki kan sha dai baku souNormal(0.44)3.9648.109
341999/07/17AnimePokemon the Movie 2000: The Power of One (Revelation Lugia)Normal(0.35)14.0049.7440
351998/07/18AnimePokemon The First Movie (Mewtwo Strikes back)Very good(2.00)158.0073.3379
361998/04/18AnimeCrayon Shin-chan : Dengeki! buta no hizume daisakusenVery good(2.04)95.8863.1647
371998/03/07AnimeThe Doraemons Mushimushi pyonpyon dai saku senNormal(0.36)3.9648.1011
381997/04/19AnimeCrayon Shin-chan : Ankoku tamatama daitsuisekiVery good(1.52)60.8057.4140
401996/04/19AnimeCrayon Shin-chan Adventure in HENDARLANDVery good(2.28)180.1276.9579

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