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/ Created date:2018/06/16
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12019/12/03AnimeObsolete   0
22018/02/24AnimeSayonara no asa ni yakusoku no hana wo kazarouGood(1.07)14.9849.9314
32015/04/23GameBravely Second: End LayerVery good(2.00)2.0048.131
42015/03/04GameLITTLE NOAH   0
52013/04/06SF TVHikounin sentai akibaranger Season 2Normal(0.14)0.9846.657
62012/10/11GameBravely Default: Flying FairyGood(1.00)3.0048.453
72010/11/11GameTactics Ogre Wheel of FortuneVery good(2.00)8.0050.064
82006/08/26GameFinal Fantasy III for DSNormal(0.19)6.8449.6936
92006/03/16GameFinal Fantasy XIINormal(-0.33)-39.6034.72120
111993/02/19SF TVGosei Sentai DairangerVery good(1.97)153.6688.3878
121992/02/21SF TVZyurangerGood(1.39)77.8467.6656
131991/10/06AnimeKinnikuman kinnikuseiouisoudatsuhenGood(0.78)7.0248.629
141990/03/02SF TVChikyu Sentai FivemanGood(1.43)65.7864.3646
161989/03/18JP movieKousokusentaiturboranger gekijoubanNormal(0.17)1.0249.606
171989/02/25SF TVKosoku Sentai Turbo RangerGood(1.10)42.9058.1039
181988/02/27SF TVChoju Sentai LivemanVery good(1.67)70.1465.5542
191969/04/04AnimeMORETUATAROUVery good(1.67)10.0249.116

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